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Plans of holiday spot for this season

Travel lovers shared their favourable spots

The Telegraph | Published 12.11.23, 07:19 AM
Dal Lake, Kashmir

Dal Lake, Kashmir

My holiday plan is to explore the best of Bangladesh, the land of my forefathers. I am particularly excited to visit historical sites such as Tagore’s Kuthi Bari and Lalan Akhra in Kushtia, Michael Madhusudan’s birthplace in Khulna, Brojomohon College and Jibanananda Das’s house in Barishal. I also hope to visit Dhaka University, Bhasha Sahid Minar, Ramkrishna Mission, Sk. Mujibar Museum, and Nazrul Samadhi. Additionally, I am looking forward to seeing the Dhakeswari Temple, Dhan Mandir, Ramna Kali Bari, Ram Thakur Ashram, and Bardi-Loknath Ashram. This trip is a dream come true, and I can’t wait to experience it with my family.

Sohini Raychaudhuri


Kashmir had always been in my bucket list. But because of the unrest there, I never dared to mention the name to my parents for a holiday. Now with better conditions and security aplenty, we have already made plans and even bought tickets to our very own Switzerland of India. Now I am gearing up for the real scenes of the picturesque snow capped mountains, the lush green meadows, apple orchards and saffron fields, the famous Dal Lake and Lidder River, and most of all meeting warm hearted Kashmiri people.

Ena Das

If one were to take a walk through the streets of Calcutta now, they’ll be greeted by an abundance of advertisements banners, devouring them and some bamboos obstructing their paths. This rings a bell for all the Bengalis. The ideal way to immerse oneself in the festival spirit is by remaining in our beloved Calcutta. The flavour of Calcutta is particularly delightful during Puja days. The entire city gets decked up and the streets are filled with shimmering lights. Therefore, during this holiday season, I shall not venture elsewhere outside the city, but would rather stay put in Calcutta during the festivities.

Sinthiya Dutta

My eyes haven’t had enough of the beauty of Kashmir. In the next holiday, I would like to find myself lost amidst the cedars of Pahalgaon.

Adrija Dey

For me travel is to invent the taste of various locality . Travelling somewhere is to give mind some rest .This holiday season for a day out I’ll highly prefer Tajpur or else if somehow I manage long holidays then I must call on the mountain such as Dawaipani or any off beat of North Bengal apart from congested area.

Moubani Paul

I’ll be in Pune for post-graduation placements, hoping to explore nearby spots.

Swagato Sarkar

I am planning to visit Vishakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh. It will be very fresh there. Very Excited to visit there!

Jayita Mondal

As an ardent worshipper of hills, I really cherish the dream to visit Meghalaya. I want to go for a hike while exploring the dreamy hills and listening to the running waterfalls and to be lost amid the clouds of Cherrapunji. Another place on my wishlist is Rajasthan, where I can relish the ultimate majesty of royal palaces and historic forts and feel the warmth of the boundless desert by riding on the back of a camel.

Sikrity Ghosh

Being a class 10th board candidate, I don’t expect my presently dull fate to drive me in certain places where I could explore things, obtain peace and fill my camera with soothing pictures. In the midst of excited neighbours who have set themselves out for their respective expeditions, I would be sustaining a punctual life, even by leaving India’s matches apart and being struck under the turbulent oppression of confusing NCERT textbooks and neverending assignments. Perhaps after the boards get over, I would look forward to drench my soul in the holy ambience of Varanasi and watch the pleasing arati sitting on the ghats of the Ganges. Hope the tour would be worth waiting for!!

Jrimbhinee Das

Keeping in mind of the refreshments that should be taken amidst the drudgery of daily endeavors, I as a student have decided to visit Darjeeling, the Queen of Hills, with my family in this festive season. With the entry of the ethereal early autumn, and the gentle wintery breezes, it is definitely going to be the perfect idyllic place for holidaying amidst the beauty of pine trees, gushing waters and to spend serene time.

Soumili Roy

It seems odd to write this, with exams dangerously teetering on my front door, but I wish to visit the famed ‘Paradise on Earth‘, the forehead of our very own India: Kashmir. We have been thinking about this for quite some time, but couldn’t get our schedule right. Hence, after I’ve hosted exams and catered to them well, we plan to visit the place, whose blueprint has been prepared by otherworldly architects.

Sahil Sen

I have planned to spend this holiday in Calcutta. It is the city of joy and in every pujo season this Calcutta shines in a new way. I have also started to buy new clothes not only for me but also for my family.

Priyanshi Das

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