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Proof that Tolly divas love WFH photo breaks

Just a cute cashmere and a selfie timer — our favourite leading ladies have the same formula as us to beat quarantine blues

Pooja Mitra | Published 08.01.22, 03:07 PM
From left: Paoli Dam, Rukmini Maitra and Anindita Bose trust an impromptu photo session to break the WFH monotony

From left: Paoli Dam, Rukmini Maitra and Anindita Bose trust an impromptu photo session to break the WFH monotony


Stars — they are just like us — at least when they’re quarantining. Be it Nusrat Jahan, Raima Sen or Rukmini Maitra, some of Tollywood’s busiest women rely on selfie hours to beat the WFH blues. And while we may not have their cheekbones or a beauty squad on speed dial, we do have some time to learn:

The Nusrat Jahan style:

Inspo 1: Want a last-minute photo before your Uber arrives? Put your Kala Chashma on and step out into some natural light! We always tend to overthink lighting for our selfies, but sometimes daylight can be the best filter!


Inspo 2: Winter is on its way out. So how about taking a sun-kissed photo in your favourite bomber jacket? There are always ways to flaunt the best aspects of a statement piece for a picture. Notice how Nusrat poses right to let the colours shine!

The Paoli Dam style:

Inspo 1: Who doesn’t want a peek inside a celebrity garden? But Paoli’s low-key, sunny selfie clicked on the porch of her Guwahati home proves that a no-filter selfie can be the happiest thing on your timeline. Some flowers, the sun and some me-time in the garden, really are the simplest luxuries.

Inspo 2: Taking a roof stroll? How about a selfie with the sky?

The Raima Sen style:

Inspo 1: Spotted an aesthetic corner in your own home? Bookmark Raima Sen’s portrait shot inspiration which is simple and elegant.

Inspo 2: Messy bun, a peeking shoulder, a chic cashmere and the perfect side profile — there, now you have the perfect concoction for a perfect shot.

The Rukmini Maitra style:

Inspo 1: Rukmini Maitra doesn’t let a ‘no-plan’ Sunday go to waste. Even if you don’t want the hassle of putting on make-up, grab your favourite white tee and choose a quaint corner in your room for a fuss-free soft-light selfie.

Inspo 2: Catching the sun for a selfie can be an ordeal. But if you find your room awash with sunlight one fine morning, don’t let it go to waste! Grab a volume spray to style an impromptu just-woke-up hair and get the sun-kissed selfie right.

The Riddhima Ghosh style:

Inspo 1: Cocoa, milk and eggs aren’t the only ingredients you need if you’re baking on a whim. Don’t forget to throw over a cute, floral top for a picture. Also, don’t forget to grab an apron once you’re done clicking!

The Anindita Bose style:

Inspo 1: Are you ready for your close-up? If you are, work out our best angles and maybe go for some chic layering like Anindita.

Inspo 2: Do you have an aramkedara (armchair) and a hand-embroidered shirt from an indie boutique? Use them both as props for a Lazy Lamhe snap.

The Ankita Chakraborty style:

Inspo 1: Ankita Chakraborty may have had some professional assistance for these brilliant stills. But her light-and-shadow portrait can be quite an inspiration.

Inspo 2: A favourite wall can be a prop too. And a white shirt always comes to the rescue.

The Ishaa Saha style:

Inspo 1: Explore Ishaa’s creative Zoom-in technique for your next selfie.

Inspo 2: The perfect boyfriend jeans can be the best accessory. Pair it with a simple tee like Ishaa or if you have some time, try on some jackets or jumpers so you can keep the selfies coming!

The Solanki Roy style:

Inspo 1: Quarantine Instagramming is all about avoiding make-up. Even if you don’t have Solanki’s chic messy bob, find some old glasses and a hair spray for a random WFH click.

Inspo 2: Strumming the chords? A photo is a must.

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