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Union Budget 2023-24

The Budget 2023 memefest: What netizens said this year

Social media gets flooded with quirky, light and amusing takes on the Union Budget

Nitin Waghela | Published 03.02.23, 01:15 PM

India's Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman presented the Union Budget 2023 on February 1. There were mixed reactions from citizens, and as it goes every year now in the age of the Internet, netizens (including organisations) responded with memes to the elevated cost of certain commodities (read: cigarettes), while others mock their own lack of financial literacy. This year's budget memes bonanza has found ways to make everyone chuckle.

'Dhuye mein udta' anticipation

When your bank gives you reasons to quit smoking

Social media as your Budget guru

Budget Day ala Shark Tank

Middle class money doesn't jiggle, it folds!

What the public really waits for

When your beloved 'prothom gadi' directly impacts the nation's economy

What really matters...

There's no rest for the dedicated student

One Budget in a multiverse of super-economists

Clueless is thy name

Got to switch to a different course

Last updated on 03.02.23, 01:15 PM

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