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Looking back to those trends that were the ruling fashion scenes 16 years ago

Fashion scenes that were top trends during sweet sixteen phase

Priyanka A. Roy | Published 02.02.23, 04:50 PM
(L-R) Rihanna, Selena Gomez

(L-R) Rihanna, Selena Gomez

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Kate Moss made the informal waistcoat popular through the noughties. Those were popularly known as the little vest or the Kate Moss vest. From Selena Gomez to Anne Hathaway, celebs popularised it by turning up in these vests paired with thigh-length tees or shirts at various events during this year, making it a commonly spotted style trend. The trend made a comeback in recent years, where they are embraced as women’s formals or semi-formals.



The gladiator sandal was the most popular trend of the year 2008. While the strappy shoes have a history dating back to the Roman and Greek warriors, in modern times they are apt as beachwear or resort wear.  Appearing in her Balenciaga gladiators, Rihanna grabbed all eyes multiple times. Paired with miniskirts and dresses, the trend was seen on celebs like Gwyneth Paltrow, Hilary Duff and Naomi Watts. 

(L-R) Naomi Campbell, Noomi Rapace

(L-R) Naomi Campbell, Noomi Rapace


Connected with the styles prevalent in Turkey and the Middle East, harem pants took over the international ramps for many brands and labels during this year. Keeping comfort in mind, starting from Paris Fashion Week to New York and labels like Christian Dior, Chloe or Issey Miyake, harem pants had a long journey from international ramps to Bollywood and as a popular style trend during those times.


Originally inspired from punk culture clothing, the trend of ripped jeans made a comeback in the 2010s as distressed denim. The faded colour and the fancy slits found favour with stylistas as well as the young generation.

(L-R)Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, Lady Gaga

(L-R)Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, Lady Gaga


Jeggings, for its comfy and smart style, was a popular pick of 2010 and 2011. It was chosen for its smart denim look and comfy leggings feel. This was also the year where major trends in the fashion world started evolving, inspired from the new generation of Britain’s royal family.


Peplum, the 1940s and 80s style trend, was back with a bang in 2012 as it took over the runway fashion scenes internationally for the year’s spring/summer showcase. Starting from Valentino and Givenchy to Vera Wang and Jason Wu, the structured ruffle detailing presented on the ramp in various shapes and forms soon started finding a place in celeb wardrobes too. Even though the trend wasn’t wholeheartedly embraced by the fashion world, it yet again made a comeback in 2022

(L-R) Chloe Grace Moretz, Taylor Swift

(L-R) Chloe Grace Moretz, Taylor Swift


The one style that dominated the runway scenes this year right from spring/summer to fall/winter was the 1920s pattern ‘stripes’. Pioneered by Adidas in the 1940s, it made a comeback on the ramp in 2013. Bold, sleek, coloured, basic, horizontal and vertical— the classic print pattern with references beyond the aesthetics of the fashion world, was explored through design and colours by labels like Tommy Hilfiger, Dolce and Gabbana, Marc Jacobs, Jacquemus, Stella McCartney, Fendi, Salvatore Ferragamo and Vivienne Westwood among others for their 2013 collection.


Paired with high-waisted midi skirt or pants, crop tops were the sartorial choice of the year 2014. Made popular at the Teen’s Choice Award of that year, with most celebs choosing to sport the midriff-baring silhouette, the crop top trend that was the highlight of this year continued to be a fashion favourite in the following years, too. 

(L-R) Sonam Kapoor Dakota Johnson

(L-R) Sonam Kapoor Dakota Johnson


With the overarching trend of minimalism setting in, choker necklace started dominating the fashion scenes. Skipping the chunky flat neckpieces, the ‘90s trend made an entry yet again with labels like Christian Dior,  Chanel, Coach and Ralph Lauren showcasing it in their shows. 


Following the choker necklace trend, the complementing cold shoulder and off-theshoulder styles were a rage the following year. From award shows like the Grammys and BAFTA to the ramp and as a street style, cold shoulder and offthe-shoulder ruled the fashion scenes and how.


Starting off at Balenciaga and Louis Vuitton, the sneaker trend reached its peak in 2017 and continued in the following years. Giving high heels and stilettos a break, sneakers were a comfy choice that was available in a wide variety. Be it the sporty white sneakers, platform sneakers or embroidered sneakers, these statement-makers were teamed with everything, from athleisure to saris, dresses or oversized semi-formals.


Be it in India or UK or USA, the classic design detailing ‘ruffles’ made a big comeback in 2018 and in a contemporised way. It was a trend that started around fall 2017 and continued a few years down the line. It was explored in various silhouettes as a design detailing. From saris and sleeves to the hemline, waistline or shoulders, the trend was all about adding volume to the outfit. The idea of adding volume to the outfits continued next year with the trend of exaggerated sleeves.


The mid and late20th-century trend, neon, made a swamping comeback in 2019 alongside many retro trends. Apart from ruling the fashion week seasons worldwide, it was a celeb-approved trend that was spotted in award show appearances and also influenced statement streetwear styles.


Following the dawn of statement street style, the pandemic year of 2020 witnessed a massive surge in athleisure. With the focus lying on conscious fashion, recycling, minimalism and comfort styling, athleisure was a popular choice as a versatile, smart and fuss-free style statement. The trend was not restricted to catwalk and celeb styling, with multiple luxury brands launching their activewear line catering to the trend, it was embraced by all.


The hot pink hue was the only happy and bright thing about the pandemic year of 2021. No other tone in the past decade was such a big colour trend as this bright shade that was embraced by celebs across industries, who painted their Insta account pink by sporting it in various way!


Irrefutably, the corset was the biggest trend of 2022. The structured silhouette in a variety of styles — zipper, metallic, strapless, halterneck, and longsleeved — was incorporated into styling western as well Indian wear. With the OTT platforms exposing us to various stories of the regency era and the regency core fashion, this trend added a dose of freshness to silhouette styles of recent times.


What started as an umbrella trend in the zenith months of 2022 is all set to go bigger this year as the months progress. Y2K, the major trend continuing since the end of last year, encompasses a wide variety of trends that are throwback moments from the mid-90s to the mid-2000s. The styles reimagined for contemporary fashionistas by taking inspiration from those decades include shimmer fabric, wide-legged pants, denim-on-denim, cowl neck, miniskirt, cut-out silhouette, velour tracksuits, boot-cut jeans, leather outfits and vibrant colours among others. And who dons boot-cut better than Victoria Beckham?

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