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Insta reels on teachers that we can all learn from

Check out these funny and relatable reels tributing teachers that blew up last week

Jaismita Alexander | Published 10.09.23, 02:59 PM

From being a mentor and a friend, teachers play a crucial role in our lives. While each teacher is different, good teachers do have some common traits. Last week, as we celebrated Teachers’ Day, we found some funny, relatable and heartwarming reels on Instagram. So, this time for reels of the week, My Kolkata looks back at a few videos on teachers that went viral last week.

Tale of a primary school teacher

Let’s begin from the beginning! Our first encounter with teachers happens at the primary school level, and they are the ones who shape us for our journey in academics. Although it seems easy to teach the alphabet and numbers to a bunch of children, @kanakalasuma tells you it’s not! Managing the little ones needs patience and skill. Here's a hilarious reel that most primary school teachers will find relatable.


That teacher we all wanted as students

@simranjitkaur_03 speaks the heart out of every student through this reel. A teacher who is lenient, and goes easy. Forgot to do your homework? No problem. Need cues at the exam? Thou shalt get it. Bunking class? No problem! But where do we get that teacher of our dreams? In a parallel universe, of course!

That strict board examiner 

Remember those external viva exams? All we prayed for was a lenient external examiner. But as luck would have it, we would get strict examiners like the one @khuranasanket9 plays in his reel. These board examiners were students’ biggest nightmares – who wouldn't let you off easily. They ask questions you never knew were a part of the syllabus. When such examiners came in, no one could help you from getting roasted. Not even your own school teacher!

A tribute to private tutors

When we talk about teachers on Teachers’ Day, we mostly refer to our school or college teachers. But can we deny that our private tutors played equally important roles? They were the ones who cleared all our doubts when we felt shy or stupid asking questions in class. They provided us with the extra push that we needed outside school. They made provisions for us to make mistakes in their class, so that we could rectify them in the school exams. So this reel by @hamzasyedofficial is a befitting tribute to those mentors.

First Teachers’ Day of a professor

@priyaarunoffl, an assistant professor, captures her precious moments from her first Teachers’ Day. From getting ready for college to greeting her students, the excitement of this young teacher is so heartwarming! Her reel makes us realise how special this day is for all teachers. She does not miss out on capturing bits and pieces of her day.

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