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Raksha Bandhan 2022

DIY rakhis to make your sibling bond (and band) even stronger

Show your sibling some love with handcrafted rakhis!

Lygeia Gomes | Published 09.08.22, 02:43 PM


Siblings usually choose the disguised route of ‘Here’s the last slice of pizza’ or ‘I lied, you aren’t adopted!’ when expressing how much they care for each other. But as Raksha Bandhan rolls in, big plans are made. Days are spent on the hunt for the perfect gift to accompany the perfect rakhi! This year, go all out and celebrate your siblings with handcrafted pieces. There’s very little room for error — you know their favourite colour, what fits their fashion memo and a number of rib-tickling jokes that would leave them feeling both honoured and embarrassed.

We put on our creative hats to come up with a few ideas so you can make the perfect band (and bond), no matter how picky your sibling is.


Every house has that one circular container that stores all the extra buttons that somehow make their way home. It usually brings on more pain than joy (we’ve all opened this container at least once in anticipation of a crunchy cookie). But come Raksha Bandhan, it can be very useful. Capitalise on the variety of sizes to make interesting designs that will knock your sibling’s socks off. These little circles can represent anything — from Homer Simpson’s stomach to Messi’s football!


Ribbons are one of the most easily accessible items and make for the prettiest rakhis, courtesy of the unique pastel shades they come in. Pair two or more ribbons together along with floral motifs, rhinestones or even a dash of glitter to add an element of fun.

Boho elements

If your sibling is a free spirit, go for the carefree boho vibe. Beads, feathers, multi-coloured threads, embroidered work, little etchings — all work in a boho band. Keep in mind that the bohemian theme is all about vibrant hues, so make sure to include that pop of colour.


Resin is all the rage, so adding it to your rakhis is a total no-brainer. Resin earrings effortlessly double as trinkets — they’re detachable and dazzling. You can use a line of silver beads to make the strap of the rakhi so it doubles up as a bracelet! 


Use dried flowers, flowers made from fabric or paper flowers to make the most wearable rakhis. Lining up your sibling's favourite florals is always a good way to go — it adds a personal touch and you score some major brownie points for being attentive! Separate the flowers with beads or little trinkets, and you’ll have an elegant rakhi.


Braided rope stands on its own — it’s rustic and exotic, and there’s no need for any additional elements to make it click. For a rooted look, use the regular burnt orange rope, but if you want a little more extravagance, get your hands on some coloured rope. Try different knots, twists and braids to make the most exquisite rakhis.

Quilted pieces

Love quilting? Use your skills to create a beautiful rakhi for your sibling. Experiment with shapes and rainbow shades to make motifs that will stand out. You can even add rhinestones and a variety of beads for that touch of glam.


Turn pendants into rakhis. It’s a day devoted to your sibling, so why not gift them some pretty jewellery? Grab larger-sized pieces so it’s the focal point, and use a muted thread to let the pendant steal the show.

Polymer Clay

Polymer clay is super artsy and wearable. Make little ovals and thread them together to form a bracelet that doubles as a rakhi. The making of polymer clay can be an intricate process, so do thorough research before embarking on this journey. If you’re not up for the challenge, you can always customise the necessary elements from these Instagram stores and put them together yourself.

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