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Summer Drinks

Beat the heat with these nourishing mocktails

Some healthy beverages made with natural ingredients, to welcome summer on a cool and refreshing note

Priyanka A. Roy | Published 26.03.22, 04:24 AM

Carrot, Celery and Orange at The Salt House: A riot of flavours, this summer mocktail brings together sweet carrot and orange, spicy mango ginger, sour lemon and fresh celery for a healthy and refreshing glass.
Priced at Rs 275

Pineapple Express at The Daily Cafe: Freshly squeezed pineapple juice and farm-grown mint leaves that aid in digestion, are antioxidants and boost immunity come together, along with chia seeds that have hydration properties, in this citrusy-sweet mocktail.
Priced at Rs 160


Pink Lady at Mirosh: Orange juice and pineapple juice is blended with strawberry crush and lemon juice in this citrusy, sweet and sour, refreshing summer mocktail.
Priced at Rs 281

Guava Mary at LMNOQ: Prepared in the Indian street-style manner, freshly-squeezed guava is served with a hint of Indian spices in this sweet and spicy thirst quencher.
Priced at Rs 260

Cool Quencher at Indigo Delicatessen: This refreshing summer sip is a concoction of cold-pressed juice of fresh cucumber and green apple, with the addition of nutritious chia seeds and topped with lemonade. Loaded with vitamins and fibre, this drink is an immunity booster, too.
Priced at Rs 250

Vitamin C Brew at Refinery 091: This creamy and sweet mocktail is a delicious blend of vanilla ice cream, orange syrup, soya milk and honey, served in a pilsner glass, topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and garnished with the aromatic orange zest.
Priced at Rs 345

Tender Coconut, Cucumber and Honey Cooler at Cafe Na-Ru-Meg : This subtle sweet and cooling mocktail is prepared by muddling lemon cubes, mint leaves and cucumber pieces to half a glass of tender coconut water. Honey for a hint of sweetness and lemon juice are added and stirred. Served with the remaining coconut water and ice, it is garnished with cucumber and lemon slices on top.
Priced at Rs 170

Honey Mint Lemonade at Salt N Spice: Crushed mint leaves are added to lemon juice, ginger juice, water and ice with a pinch of salt and honey for taste in this classic mocktail, served with a garnishing of mint leaves and lemon slices.
Priced at Rs 99

Elderflower Nectar at Williams Kitchen: Refreshing with a hint of floral notes, this sweet-and-sour mocktail prepared with an infusion of fresh elderflowers and lemon juice blended with crushed blueberries and tender coconut water, is served with a garnishing of fresh blueberries and mint leaves.
Priced at Rs 225

Superfruit Detox at Grace, Kolkata Centre for Creativity: The goodness of healthy ingredients like orange juice, watermelon juice, beetroot and pomegranate seeds are blended together with ice, strained and refrigerated before serving the detox mocktail enriched with the fruit flavours. Sprinkled with a pinch of black salt for taste, it is served garnished with mint leaves.
Priced at Rs 300

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