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Get your ‘cheat day’ motivation from these Insta food reels

Delicious and delectable food reels that blew up last week and stopped our doom scrolling

Jaismita Alexander | Published 27.08.23, 01:31 PM

It's difficult to scroll past a food reel. Quick recipes to satisfying cooking videos, these tantalising reels awaken our senses, and we can almost taste and smell the delicious food. Acknowledging the fact that Sundays are cheat days (at least for some people), on this edition of the Reels of the Week, My Kolkata dives into the virtual food paradise!

Indian food got the UK visa

This British foodie has discovered the treasure that is Indian regional food. Jake Dryan (@plantfuture) has started a series of cooking videos where he tries Indian food from the different states of India. Lately, he has been trying various dishes from Bihar. In his latest video, he tried his hands on dal, bhaat and alu bhujia, a comfort food we all crave for in the eastern region of the country. Jake got the amazing taste of this simple dish and it made him go 'Wow'.


As mother narrates, daughter cooks

As Arpita Das (@weekend_flavours_) says, “Hello Maa” and her mother replies, “Haan, bolo”, our heart melts. This telephonic conversation as a voiceover to the reels makes Arpita's videos heartwarming. For anyone who lives away from home, cooking with directions over the phone from their mothers is nothing new. The urge to eat home-cooked food, especially the taste of your Maa ke haath ka khana is more when you live in a different city or country. This Begun Diye Ilish Machher Tel Jhol recipe in her mother's voice keeps us hooked.

There’s a chocolate factory for real!

The Willy Wonka dream has come true, at least for the people of Hyderabad. @dr.foodiehyd has given a glimpse of this wonder in his latest reel. Manam Chocolate has set up a chocolate factory in Hyderabad and opened its door to visitors. The factory allows you to participate in chocolate-making and tasting, while you look around in amazement like the five children in the Wonka factory. This reel will make you want to book your flight to Hyderabad. And if you are reading this from Hyderabad, what are you waiting for? The factory’s latest Insta post tells us that within a week of its opening, the factory has been packed on every single day.

Satisfying baking orchestra

@cook_as_you_feel_it creates a symphony in his baking reels. The cakes and breads he bakes fluff up beautifully and satisfyingly in the microwave. The fluff of the dough in time-lapse, with the music, is what we can righteously call a baking orchestra. Honestly, we can watch these reels for hours.

Recreating Orange Gobble cakes at home

@feashts aka Sahini Banerjee recreates the popular Orange Gobble cake at home in her recent reel. With her ASMR cooking style, it is absolutely a delight to watch and learn to make our favourite cake bites at home! These cakes have been many of our quick recess treats or easy finds during our cravings. At this point, we are thanking Sunny for nodding ‘yes’ to Sahini’s “Ei Sunny, cake khabi?”

Just cute cupcakes

It was difficult to pick a few reels out of the thousands and to be honest, this one got onto the list for its cuteness quotient! bakes cupcakes that are too adorable to feel edible. The soft, fluffy chiffon cupcakes with a moo embedded by this food reel creator are a treat to the eyes!

Last updated on 27.08.23, 01:34 PM

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