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Bum bags: The perfect fusion of athleisure, streetwear and high-fashion

This best-of-both-worlds trend is here to stay, so invest in these bags and be the coolest cat on the block

Aatreyee Mohanta | Published 23.01.23, 05:06 PM


With athleisure and streetwear taking over the fashion world, one accessory seems to bring the best of both worlds to the forefront — the bum bag. You might be wondering what a bum bag is, well it is the good ol’ fanny pack — upgraded. 

Once known to be the favourite accessory of dads all over the world, the fanny pack has now been christened as the bum bag or the belt bag. It is a versatile piece that is not only spacious, but can also be worn around one’s waist or crossbody. It’s simple, stylish and oh-so-rad! 


If you’re thinking of investing in a bum bag for all seasons, here are our picks…

Clay Mango

Can one ever have enough tan-coloured bags in their collection? This bum bag is one that will match with every fit of yours. The classic design and nude colour makes it a great pick for those who are styling a bum bag for the first time. The dual-compartment ensures you have room to carry all your essentials. What more does one need? 


Belt Bag

Chic and fun — these bags are all-in-one. From having the cool checkerboard pattern to embossed faux leather, these bags range from boho to classy. Pick one that is colourful or one that is more minimalist — either way you’ll be the coolest cat at the party. 


If being quirky is your vibe, then this adorable elephant-shaped belt bag is the perfect fit for you. The Hathi Batua bag is full of colour and makes for a showstopping accessory to add to your look. Be it with a pantsuit or a blazer dress, you can surely count on this one to stand out. 


Love the minimalist aesthetic? Look no further. This simple bum bag with a pop of neon green is what you’ve been looking for. The design of this bag leans more towards the rectangular than the ones with the rounded edges, which will add more definition to your look and give you more storage space. Add this to your cart ASAP. 

HK Basics

This brand is known to fuse great design with functionality and these bum bags are no different. They make for a great basic accessory in your wardrobe, but have a lot of colour too. They are versatile and they have great structure to them making them a great choice to own. 

Last updated on 23.01.23, 05:06 PM

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