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Arpita Mehta and Adhuna talk about their collab at Lakmé Fashion Week

Arpita put in a lot of happy prints, shimmer and vibrant colours across a range of silhouettes comprising kaftans, dresses, draped skirts, saris, shrugs, pants and separates

Saionee Chakraborty | Published 22.03.23, 02:51 PM
Arpita Mehta with her showstopper Shanaya Kapoor

Arpita Mehta with her showstopper Shanaya Kapoor

Pictures: Sandip Das

Arpita Mehta had a holiday on her mind and the collection she sent down at Jio World Garden, at Lakmé Fashion Week in partnership with FDCI, was fresh, fun and young. Resort chic, no-fuss and easy and sexy dressing was the mood. Arpita put in a lot of happy prints, shimmer and vibrant colours across a range of silhouettes comprising kaftans, dresses, draped skirts, saris, shrugs, pants and separates. If fringes and ruffles spelt romance, thigh-high slits added to the oomph. Carefree and relaxed was the dress code that was complemented by beach waves, all styled by hair pro Adhuna. Shanaya Kapoor walked in an acid yellow sari and Arpita looked wow in black. The Telegraph caught up unusualwith Arpita for a quick post-show chat...

The collection was a lot of fun...


Absolutely. The idea was to create a summer line which is absolutely effortless but at the same time you look glamorous and totally ready. It had to be effortless, keeping in mind even Dyson’s core value of how they want their products to be used. You could use it at home and office or anywhere in the world. It’s like self-care, using the products on your own and that’s how I wanted the garments to be, easy-breezy.

This season we introduced sequin embroidery for the first time because we always do mirror work.

This time we introduced sequin along with mirror work. I think the outfits that had those were my favourites because they were something completely new and out of my nature. Corsets are a big trend this season. It is a beautiful garment in terms of the fact that it highlights the shape of a girl’s body, whichever size you are and it is a form-flattering cut.

You kept the accessories minimal yet statement...

The hair was the hero to kind of show that you could be with any length of hair and you can make it look beautiful and effortless. Just to enhance the look, we added pearl chandeliers, tassel fringe earrings. That was the mood. Easy.

Can you give us five essentials from the collection?

The corset top.The draped skirt.The sequinned kaftan because I think it is a beautiful trend.The ruffled sari of course. It is a classic. You have to have one in the print. The last one would be a fringe kaftan... a beautiful effortless outfit.

What does spring-summer bring to mind?Adhu (Adhuna) and I are planning on going on a girl’s trip somewhere in Europe, south of Italy or so, after working on this collection. We were all thinking of that only, summer, summer holiday.

Adhuna, who styled the hair for the models with Dyson tools, filled in The Telegraph on her experience...

What do you love about fashion week madness?

I always love the buzz backstage. Working with Dyson backstage has given me the opportunity to really have some fun because this collaboration has been really nice. It’s crazy and hectic backstage, but I think that’s part of the fun of it. When it’s happening, maybe it is not, but in hindsight. (Laughs)

This looks like a perfect collab. Your style is easy-breezy and so are Arpita’s clothes...

I think so. It was easy for us to kind of get on the same wavelength of what we wanted to create. Arpita had certain ideas in mind. And, then working with what we had of the Dyson tools to create something, that is not only easy to wear on stage but also easy for people to create back home with one of the Dyson tools. For example, we worked purely with the Dyson Corrale which is the straightener and the Supersonic™ hair dryer. We used the diffuser to create the texture and the Corrale to give some of the body and movement. The Dyson Airwrap™ has got all different attachments, idiot-proof accessories and something for everybody. The texture we created can be created on any hairstyle, length and texture.

Adhuna (right), Shanaya Kapoor (centre) and Arpita Mehta (left)

Adhuna (right), Shanaya Kapoor (centre) and Arpita Mehta (left)

How do you prep your hair before you use a tool?

It depends on each individual’s hair texture. Protect the hair from heat damage and also give the hair some kind of support or hold. The preparation supports the style you want to create. Beach waves have been your favourite...I believe truly in relaxed, easy hair.

How do you take care of your hair in this heat?

A quick fix would be a hat. Another quick fix would be to wear sun protection on your hair. Good quality products contain SPF. Hunt out the right one for your hair type. A great haircut will never let you down. It can always look better if you dress it or use some styling tools.

Which summer getaway is calling you?

Oh god, many destinations are calling me! I was very taken by the idea of an Italian holiday!

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