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Wireless Earbuds

OPPO Enco Air2 packs quite a punch in terms of both performance and budget

All you need to know about these wireless earbuds

Mathures Paul | Published 24.03.22, 03:52 AM
OPPO Enco Air2 offers a richer sound with its 13.4mm driver

OPPO Enco Air2 offers a richer sound with its 13.4mm driver

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When it comes to wireless earbuds, there is literally a big boxful to choose from, yet most of us keep coming back to the few well-known brands. The go-to brand - the trendsetter in the category, is the Apple AirPods, which, of course, is restricted to iOS users. Some want the noise cancellation offered by Sennheiser’s Momentum True Wireless 2. Many don’t want noise cancellation. Then there are those who want something that has a respectable soundstage and microphone quality, without caring much about elements like active noise cancellation. This is where OPPO Enco Air2 comes in.

I have been using OPPO products now and then, and the earbuds are among the best and most affordable. Active noise cancellation is a technology to reduce background and surrounding noises to put music in the foreground. If it is not implemented well, it can be a nightmare. And many people don’t like the idea of ANC because it can feel unnatural (on most earbuds). With these sound cans, OPPO decided to put all its efforts towards improving sound quality and not have ANC.


The biggest feature of Air2 is the 13.4mm “composite titanised” diaphragm driver. Frankly, such phrases don’t mean anything for consumers but what matters here is the 13.4mm, which is big for earbuds. Most companies get away with 10-12mm drivers.
What we experienced is a fuller sound. From the edgy vocals of Robbie Williams on his glam rock and orchestral showtunes-packed Heavy Entertainment Show to the hyperpop of Charli XCX on her latest, Crash, it’s definitely a pleasant soundstage with good instrument separation while keeping vocals centrestage. There is fullness of sound, especially while listening to the ever warm and urgent voice of the late operatic tenor Luciano Pavarotti.

You are promised true-to-life sound with a solid Bluetooth connection (Bluetooth 5.2). And that’s what you get. There is definitely some bass boost and it doesn’t make the overall sound buckle. If you are pairing this with an OPPO phone, it is easy to access features like Bass Boost and Clear Vocals, which offer just what the name promises. For most of the review period, I restricted to Clear Vocals.

When it comes to microphone, things are decent and the person on the other end of the call didn’t complain. There is good usage of AI to separate noises, even on crowded streets. What the earbuds also promise is Game Mode, which reduces audio latency to as low as 80ms. Frankly, gaming enthusiasts will always use wired sound solutions and not Bluetooth connections.

Coming to the design, uniqueness lies in the semi-transparent lid. It’s helpful. At times we keep checking if we have put the earbuds into the box; with the new lid design, it’s easier to check on the earbuds. The earbuds have the visual feel of the AirPods, which is not a bad thing. And the stems are just about long to ensure good call quality.

Credit goes to OPPO for making the touch panel on the earbuds very responsive. You can access all kinds of controls using touch — volume, answering calls, moving between tracks and entering Game Mode.

Comfort is of utmost importance and these are perfect for a couple of hours at a stretch. Battery life too is respectable at around 24 hours (includes drawing power from the charging case). Some may say it could have been better but I don’t think anybody will use wireless earbuds for more than four-five hours a day.

The other things to talk about include IPX4 rating, meaning it’s perfect for sweating it out in the gym. Second, there is a tap feature on the earbuds to help take a selfie on an OPPO phone when it is in the camera mode. It’s like what you can do with Samsung’s S Pen.

OPPO Enco Air2 is a good combination of performance and features for the money to make it the go-to sound solution for many. Comfortable, it sounds good, makes phone calls shine… it’s a joy to have this.

At a glance

Device: OPPO Enco Air2

Price: Rs 2,499

High notes

• 13.4mm drivers offer a fuller sound

• Thoughtful design tweaks

• Good microphone quality

• Decent battery life

Muffled notes

• One can’t stop asking for more EQ control

Last updated on 24.03.22, 11:42 AM

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