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‘Alexa, will you marry me?’ — Indians ask Alexa the craziest things

My Kolkata brings you the side-splitting questions Indians threw at Alexa in 2021

Lygeia Gomes | Published 17.02.22, 07:39 PM

Amazon India

As Alexa turned four, Amazon India released a synopsis of the most popular requests made in 2021.

What do you think Indians asked Alexa repeatedly? Was it “Alexa, what’s the weather like outside?” or “Alexa, what time do you have?”


Nope, none of the regular chit-chat. Here’s what we really asked!

“Alexa, how are you?”

Good manners open closed doors. And so we checked in with our robot friend and greeted Alexa 10,000 times every day with “Alexa, how are you?”. 

It gets better. During the trying times of the pandemic Indians checked in on her constantly. 11,520 times every day throughout the year to be exact with,“Alexa, good morning!” and “Alexa, good night!”.

“Alexa, meri tareef karo, please? (Alexa, give me a compliment, please?)”

Indians are considerate, and conceited. Alexa was asked “Alexa, meri tareef karo! (Alexa, give me a compliment!)” a whopping 7,200 times a day. But then again, who doesn’t love a compliment every now and then? 

Alexa dishes out “You’re the best dad in the world!”, “You’ve got the greatest sense of humour!” and “I light up whenever you say my name!” effortlessly, each time.

“Alexa, I love you!”

In a world where love is dolled out sparingly, Alexa received a fair share in 2021. 

Indians declared their love for Alexa over 5,000 times, every day. And, no it wasn’t a lazy “Love you” it was “Alexa, I love you.”, every single time. 

The  response? “That’s really sweet!” Ouch, Alexa.

“Alexa, will you marry me?”

While Anupam Mittal was busy with Shark Tank India, missed out on a catch. 

Alexa had 5,700 Indians pop the question every day! Although, it doesn’t seem like this raunchy robot is ready to tie the knot just yet. “How well do you know me?” is the patented answer followed by a pop quiz!

The hilarious bot asks the potential fiance three personal questions: “What’s my favourite colour?,” “What’s my favourite vegetable?” and “Where do I live?” before agreeing to anything.

We’ll stay mum on the answers so no one gets an edge.

“Alexa, can you get me a sneak peek of #VikKat’s wedding pictures?

Indians made over 1.7 lakhs inquiries about Bollywood and cricket every day last year. 

#VikKat’s wedding shenanigans and Aryan Khan’s overseas shenanigans undoubtedly helped propel this statistic. We believe that cricket will continue to reign supreme in 2022 with “Alexa, who is India's current Test captain?” playing catalyst.

“Alexa, how do I integrate by parts?’’

Alexa is a whiz when it comes to Mathematics. Alexa also regularly bags gold at spelling bees. 

Naturally, Alexa was the go-to for every Indian who was left perplexed by a tough spelling or taxing maths problems. Every day in 2021, Alexa was asked over one lakh of education-related questions from “Alexa, how do I integrate by parts?’’ to “Alexa, how do I map the river Cauvery in India?.

Do we alert the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations?

“Alexa, take me shopping?”

While some Indians declared their undying love for Alexa, some friend-zoned the device. 

8.6 lakh Indians took Alexa shopping everyday. Alexa helped consumers find the fanciest gifts, the hottest outfits and the freshest music. The virtual assistant even assisted Indians with step-by-step instructions on paying for their online shopping spree.

“Alexa, play Baby Shark?”

Surprisingly, nursery rhymes dominated India’s playlists in 2021. Forty per cent of ‘India’s Top 20’ belonged to the kid’s category with Baby Shark, Lakdi Ki Kathi, and Johny Johny Yes Papa being requested on repeat. 

And who can blame us, really? ‘Baby shark, doo doo doo doo doo doo, Baby shark!’ is a tune you just can’t get out of your head.

Last updated on 17.02.22, 07:39 PM

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