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Christmas gifts

Play the perfect Santa — an ultimate Christmas gifting guide for kids

For troublemakers and toddlers, chefs and creatives, bookworms and playmates — there’s a festive-time gift for every kind of child

Pooja Mitra | Published 04.12.23, 06:31 PM
From baking and DIY decoration kits, to Santa-themed merch and more — there is a host of options for gifts for the family’s young members

From baking and DIY decoration kits, to Santa-themed merch and more — there is a host of options for gifts for the family’s young members


Yuletide season is here, and the ones most excited about the impending arrival of Santa are sure to be the kids of the household — the counting of days is sure to have begun!

If you’re shopping for gifts for the li’l ones, here are a few gifting ideas curated by My Kolkata to make your child’s Christmas extra special.


A super Christmas stocking


A stocking full of goodies is a quintessential part of Christmas. This year, why not fill up that large red stocking with healthy and tasty munchies. You can pick an assortment of dry fruits, organic chocolates, a tub of Strawberry flavoured almond butter, fruit bites, a bag of makhana, and other assorted goodies that you all can enjoy snacking on.

The gift of stories

There are many traditions families have during this season and one of them just might be reading stories. If your kid is an avid reader, then this is the perfect gift idea. You can always revisit the classics like A Christmas Carol, The Gift of Magi, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer or The Night Before Christmas. If you want to introduce a kid to the world of Christmas stories, The Puffin Book of Christmas Stories is another great option with a mixed bag of contemporary and classic tales. If you are looking for some Indian flavour, the Have You Met the Anglo Indians series about the happy and colourful Lovedale family, or a Ruskin Bond Omnibus from the grand old man of storytelling can make it to the holiday reading list as well. Or, you could take a pick this year’s merry releases like How to Catch Santa Claus or How Does Santa Go Down the Chimney.

Some DIY fun 

It’s time to put up the Christmas tree and make some greeting cards! DIY projects are one of the most fun ways to involve the kids in the festivities — and keep them occupied during their school break. A child-friendly DIY kit is just the gift to give this season. Let the li’l one decide the decorations, with their Snow Wonderland Kit.

You can also hand over the charge for this year’s Christmas and New Year greetings to the kids. Let the young artists immerse themselves in a world of colourful papers, blank cards, stencils, crayons, sketch pens. Some Christmas-special stamps can make a great gift for this fun activity.

A Christmas-themed winter

A cosy winter family gathering with some hot chocolate and a fluffy quilt or a picnic with the fam — Christmas time is also the time to enjoy the joys of winter. What better than some Christmas-themed essentials to keep you snuggly? A Christmas-themed quilt or bedding set can be a perfect gifting option for the kids. Or dress the munchkins in bright Christmas sweaters, beanies and socks and take as many cute candids as you like.

A Santa-sized sipper

Speaking of hot chocolate, no everyday mugs and sippers for Christmas. A festive sippy cup — with straws for the little ones and grown-up mugs for the older kids — is sure to brighten the day as the sleepyheads make their way to the kitchen. While hot chocolate topped with marshmallow is the drink of the season, these Santa mugs and festive sippers are the perfect accessory to get the merriment started from morning with smoothies and juices.

Let’s Lego

Christmas evenings with the family are perfect for some play time with the kids and if there’s one game that kids of almost every age (and the adults) might enjoy, it’s LEGO! Like every year, LEGO has curated a Christmas selection with classic, trendy and new sets. From a Botanical Garden set, and celebrating 100-years of Disney, to Deep Sea Explorer Submarine, animals and classics like Santa’s Visit — the options are aplenty. If the young one is a Potterhead, a Star Wars or Super Mario fan, a curated assortment also makes for a good Christmas present.

Making memories

Gift your child an instant camera on Christmas eve, and encourage them to capture moments that make them happy. Turn it into a fun little game, by creating a memory box! Take a cardboard box and cover it with Christmassy wrapping paper — which is also great for all your festive wrapping needs — to put in all the photos. You will be surprised to see what a great year-ender family album it turns into.

A chef’s Christmas

If you have a little food enthusiast in the house, then here’s a great idea for a goodie box to leave by the bed on Christmas Eve. A kid’s baking kit with a recipe book and tools, some instant mixes like a healthy pancake mix, and maybe even an envelope with some of your own recipes that you can pass on. Add to that a Christmas-themed notebook and a few colourful pens, with a note from Santa on the first page that encourages the child to pen down recipes and tricks, along with food memories.

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