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World Baking Day

A baker’s dozen with food star Shivesh Bhatia

My Kolkata asks 13 questions to the dessert king on World Baking Day!

Jaismita Alexander | Published 19.05.24, 06:34 PM
Star baker and food content creator Shivesh Bhatia chats about baking, his new cookbook, Kolkata sweets and more

Star baker and food content creator Shivesh Bhatia chats about baking, his new cookbook, Kolkata sweets and more

Shivesh Bhatia

“This. Is. So. Good” — that’s what one feels every time they follow a recipe by Shivesh Bhatia. A self-taught baker and an author of four cookbooks, he has emerged as the dessert king among food content creators with 2.2M followers on Instagram. His easy-to-make and quick recipes have changed the baking game for many. In recent times, the Delhi-based baker has been collaborating with a number of big brands and celebrity chefs. The passionate baker is also set to launch his new book on chocolates. My Kolkata had a conversation with Shivesh ahead of World Baking Day where he answered 13 quick questions on baking, his next book and plans to visit the City of Joy!

My Kolkata: One dessert that you can eat anytime?


Shivesh Bhatia: Ooh! This might sound clichéd, but my heart always craves a good chocolate cake. One can never go wrong with it and I am always in the mood for chocolates.

The next cookbook is coming out in October. In fact you are the first one to know the name. .. it is a book on chocolates titled ‘Chocolate: 100 Irresistible Desserts’. Kolkata is surely on the list for the launch

Shivesh Bhatia

When not baking, Shivesh can be caught doing…

When not baking or shooting videos, you'll find me planning content or editing videos. Apart from that I play with my dog Yoda or spend time with my family and friends.

A tip for aspiring food content creators?

Ask yourself what the purpose of your content is. For me, it is educating people and sharing knowledge. If your content is good and you are consistent, you will reach your audience.

And another tip!

Keep your content crisp. Unfortunately, with the reduced attention span, people don’t want to watch lengthy videos. I try to keep my reels between 30 to 40 seconds. Additionally, do not get discouraged! Start off with whatever equipment you have. You don't need manicured content anymore to earn views.

Three favourite baking tools?

Silicone mats are my favourite! It has changed my baking game when it comes to making cookies and macarons. The second is an offset spatula. And, a super fun kitchen tool is a torch. It is great for making a perfect creme brulee or toasting meringue.

One baking fail you have overcome?

In my initial days, I was struggling to make light and fluffy cakes. My cakes would end up dense and heavy. I did a little reading and realised that it was because I was over-mixing the dry and wet ingredients. That knocked out the air from the batter. Now, I am very careful. I only mix till there are no large lumps. It is like a rule!

Your favorite dessert picks from your recent trip to Italy?

The first one has to be the refreshing Lemon Sorbet. It is all over the Amalfi Coast. It is served in this huge Amalfi lemon. The next is an Italian dessert called Maritozzo. It is like a super fluffy bun with whipped cream. It is almost like biting into a cloud. The third is the Pistachio Tiramisu. I had it everywhere in Italy. Tiramisu is my favourite!

One favourite Indian fusion dessert?

I love Indian flavours in Tres Leches. I have done a Thandai Tres Leches. Rose, cardamom, and saffron all go well in a Tres Leches. I feel Indian flavours really complement that dessert.

Do you have any favourite Kolkata dessert or place?

I don't remember sweet shops specifically, but the last time I was staying at Taj Bengal, their team was very kind to bring me a Bengali sweet platter. I love sandesh and mishti doi. Recently, I have also made an aam doi! Everyone at home loved it. Next time, I am there I would love to go on a tour of Bengali desserts with a local who can guide me.

Who are your food friends in Kolkata?

Preetanjali [Pasari], who runs a home bakery called Butterfingers by Preetanjali, is a good friend. Sneha Singhi (Upadhyay) is a very good friend too.

Who is your baking idol?

My idol has to be my mom because I learnt baking from her. She does very simple stuff. She is not into making fancy cakes or desserts. But she inspires me because when she bakes she really enjoys it.

Your next book is about?

The next cookbook is coming out in October. In fact, you are the first to know its name — I just got it from the publisher. It is a book on chocolates and is titled Chocolate: 100 Irresistible Desserts. Kolkata is surely on the list for the launch.

Which apps on your phone would you happily delete?

One would be Twitter – because I don't really use it. Also, for some reason, I have many collage-making apps on my phone that I don't use, and there are apps where you can add filters. I should delete those because they don't add any value to my content. It might work well for people who create fashion content, but with food content, they don't work at all!

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