HR MATTERS 19-04-2011

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By SANJAY ROY CHOWDHURY Managing director, Gray matters Consulting Pvt. Ltd
  • Published 19.04.11

Q: I am 19 years old and pursuing bachelors in education in Bengali. What should I do after I graduate? What kind of jobs can I get?

Parul Sengupta

A: Every job requires a different temperament and interest to make it more likeable in order to excel in that chosen field. You can be a translator, a school teacher, a journalist, an executive in a publishing house, or an assistant in education research.

Q: I am 22 years old and have an MBA in shipping management. I have a bachelor degree in science and a one-year diploma in IT. But currently I am jobless. I have uploaded my CV on job portals without any success. I had also gone for interviews, one in a shipping company and another in an export import company, but was rejected due to lack of experience. Please suggest what should I do to get a job in Calcutta?

Name Withheld

A: After knowing your qualifications I am not sure which direction you would like to take. You have studied bio-science and IT and then shipping management. All three are apparently unrelated. It becomes very important for you to understand your own “interest” and choose a job accordingly. Since you have just completed your studies, you should be looking for an entry-level position, which does not require experience in the chosen field. If you are interested in shipping, you can apply for a shore job in the ports. There are some private ports, which are coming up and would require people.

Q: I have graduated in law from Calcutta University. Now I am pursuing masters in law through distance learning. I don’t want to practise after completing masters. Should I go for teaching?

Amrita Das

A: If you do not want to practise, you can choose from the other options available in a law firm, which might interest you. In the corporate sector or consultancy firms, you can work for the mergers and acquisition cells. If you do not like any of the above options, you can opt for teaching as a profession.

Q: I could not complete Plus Two. So I pursued a BPP course and have been studying BCom from IGNOU. Can you please suggest a career for me?

Preeti Agarwal

A: I am glad that you have not lost heart even after not being able to complete your Plus Two. The commerce stream has various opportunities. As a graduate you can work as an accountant in any industry or education vertical. You can also look for a job in the banking or the insurance sector. If you acquire a diploma in management through distance learning, further avenues can open up based on the stream you choose.

Q: I am a 32-year-old man. I have done BCom and MBA in information system. I am working as a desktop support engineer for the past five years. I am planning to do a SAP course. Is that the right thing to do?

Rahul Bose

A: Since you are interested in the IT domain, I think you are on the right track. There is also a shortage of good SAP / ERP professionals. There would be opportunities in the corporate sector where SAP / ERP is being implemented and also in consulting firms that help in SAP / ERP implementation.

Q: I passed my Plus Two last year in science and want to do a full-time course in animation. Would doing a BA in 3D animation be good enough or do I have to do a BCA? I am planning to do the animation course from ICAT. Is the college good for animation?

Amit Kar

A: Since you are interested in animation, I hope that you have good drawing skills, because that would be essential to become a good animator apart from IT programming skills. Doing a BA in 3D animation is a good choice since you are sure about the field you want to get into. There are various institutes which offer these courses and you need to choose the institute based on its reputation, affordability and the quality of faculty.

Q: I completed BCom (general) and did PGD in computer application. I also did CIA (certified industrial accountant). But still I am unemployed. I am 27 years old. Should I do an MBA or any other course?

Dhundup Jaigong

A: You need to analyse the reasons for which you are not getting a job. If you do this analysis, you would get the answer for your next step.

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