HR MATTERS 16-03-2010

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By ANURADHA. M. UBEROI Corporate Consultant, Innovative Consultants and Technologies, Chennai
  • Published 16.03.10

Q: I am a 29-year-old postgraduate having three years’ work experience in the insurance sector. I want to do an MBA but am not sure whether it will be right to take a study break. I do not want to work in insurance any longer. Should I opt for an MBA through the Indira Gandhi National Open University (Ignou)?

Prafulla Sarania

A: Given today’s market scenario, it wouldn’t be right to leave your job and pursue a degree from Ignou. If you need to take a break, you should opt for a full-time MBA as it has more value in the job market.

Q: I have been working as a debt manager in a leading Indian bank. I have consistently received good ratings for my performance. However, I have not been promoted for the last three years. I am looking for a change but to no avail. I want to shift to sales but am a little hesitant as I don’t have any experience in that field. Should I continue in my present job and wait for a promotion?

Sudipto Das

A: You have not mentioned your educational qualification or prior work experience. In the absence of sufficient information it is difficult for me to comment on whether sales would be a good option or not.

Q: I completed BTech in information technology in 2008. I got a job in HCL through campus interview. I am now working as a software analyst on a Microsoft project. But I am more interested in software. Is there any course I could do to supplement my qualification?

Ashok Mookherjee

A: You have an impressive qualification and there is no need for you to do any other course. All you need to do is apply to software companies and look for a suitable placement. Fortunately, software placements are picking up as companies have started recruiting in large numbers.

Q: I completed BTech in computer science and engineering in 2008, and worked for a year as a web developer. Now I am planning to do an MBA. I want to specialise in information technology. Do you think this course has good prospects?

Priyanka Agarwal

A: You should work for a minimum two years before doing an MBA. A web developer’s job offers limited insight into managerial responsibilities. So, some experience is required to appreciate the intricacies of an IT job. You need to do some research on the institutes from where you plan to do an MBA.

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