HR MATTERS 13-10-2009

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  • Published 13.10.09

Q: I have been working with a leading paint company for about two and a half years. I was in charge of territory sales and had recently been promoted as a senior sales in-charge.

I have been looking for a change for the last six months. But some of my friends suggested that I should not look for another job for three more months as I have been just promoted. Do you think I should wait for some time or continue the search for jobs? What should I tell prospective employers who would want to know why I am looking for a new job even after being promoted?

Chandan Srivastava

A: You have to first ascertain why you are looking for a job in the first place. If you were unhappy with your earlier job profile, then the promotion should have mitigated your sense of dissatisfaction. If yes, then you should be happy now and not look for a change. In case the promotion is just a salary jump and not a substantial change in your role, then you can definitely look for a change. Please analyse and then look for a change. Do not change just for the sake of it. Opportunities on the other side of the fence always look better.

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