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Under-vehicle scanner installed at Dhanbad railway station

Device to take images of the driver, nameplate and scan underside of the automobile to detect any hazardous or explosive substance

Praduman Choubey Dhanbad Published 26.11.21, 05:42 PM
Dhanbad Railway station

Dhanbad Railway station Gautam Dey

Intended at beefing security at Dhanbad railway station, one of the busiest railway stations of the state, the Dhanbad division of East Central Railway has installed the under vehicle scanner at the circulating area of Dhanbad Railway Station.

The scanner, installed in the private vehicle lane of the circulating area, is being used to take images of the driver, nameplate and underside of the vehicle to detect any hazardous or explosive substance being carried out in the vehicle.


The facility, installed as part of the technology-aided Integrated Security Scheme (ISS), is the first of its kind in the division which falls under the Howrah Dhanbad main line and witnesses a footfall of more than 20 thousand on a daily basis.

The facility, which has been activated recently, is in addition to two X-Ray luggage machines which have already been installed near the north and south entrance gates of Dhanbad Railway station.

Talking to The Telegraph Online today, Avinash Karosia, Officer in Charge of Dhanbad RPF post said, “The facility remains active 24x7 and is quite crucial to ensure full-proof security with regard to explosive and hazardous substance detection. The footages are being transmitted continuously to the RPF control room is being monitored by our operator.”

The under vehicle scanner

The under vehicle scanner Gautam Dey

Divulging more in this regard, he said, “The facility has been installed in the private vehicle lane as the private vehicles are allowed to reach near the entrance gate while other vehicles including the auto-rickshaw and public taxis move in other lanes and leave the station immediately after dropping the passengers.”

Though the facility has been installed much earlier, it has been activated recently with the increase in passenger flow, Karosia explained.

Notably, all important stations across the country are being brought under the scope of technology-aided, Integrated Security System, which has been conceived in the aftermath of the Mumbai terror attacks in November 2008.

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