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Teach your leaders well

Jharkhand students express their expectations from the new government
Hemant  Soren interacts with the media at his residence on Kanke Road in Ranchi on Saturday.

The Telegraph   |     |   Published 28.12.19, 10:40 PM

As Jharkhand readies for a new innings under Hemant Soren, The Telegraph speaks to students about their expectations from the new government and what they feel about the swearing-in ceremony on Sunday being billed as a show of strength for the national Opposition

  • Expectations: The new government should go back to basics and strengthen the education, health and agriculture sectors. Government hospitals in rural areas should be upgraded because there's a heavy load on RIMS. The government should focus on improving the condition of shelter homes and educate those who stay there.
  • On national leaders thronging Ranchi: It shows Opposition unity, which is good for democracy.
  • Expectations: I want the new government to fulfil the promises made in the manifesto. I want it to perform better than any opportunist government that feeds on corruption for five years.
  • On national leaders thronging Ranchi: There's nothing wrong in the presence of all these national-level politicians for the swearing-in, but it should not look like a celebration of another party's electoral loss.
  • Expectations: The new government should take a clear stand on the Citizenship (Amendment) Act, the National Register of Citizens and the National Population Register. It should ensure that the minorities are safe in their own country. It should address real issues such as rising unemployment, protection of indigenous culture, conservation of forest reserves and diverse ecosystems. The functioning of Jharkhand Public Service Commission should be made transparent.
  • On national leaders thronging Ranchi: So many national leaders sharing a common platform is likely to send a strong signal to the BJP-led government at the Centre.
  • Expectations: The government should make the state investment-friendly and generate more jobs. It should also introduce a land-acquisition policy suitable for establishing factories and offices. Law and order should be prioritised and the education system streamlined. Transparency in governance is a must.
  • On national leaders thronging Ranchi: I don't approve. It will not only be costly, but also trigger traffic snarls.
  • Expectations: A lot needs to be done to generate employment in the state. As a filmmaking student, I don’t see a bright future for myself here. The new government should offer better career opportunities to youths.
  • On national leaders thronging Ranchi: The country is currently witnessing a turmoil and they should do something to ensure peace. The Opposition leaders and those in power should sit and discuss sensitive issues for the greater good of the country.
  • Expectations: The new government should stay away from corruption and work towards improving the economic condition of the state by promoting entrepreneurs, supporting innovative ideas and generating employment.
  • On national leaders thronging Ranchi: They are our only hope on the CAA and the NRC. There are so many people in Jharkhand who are at risk. Many people have faced displacement and can't furnish documents. The role of the national Opposition is crucial in ensuring that tribals are not sent to detention camps.
  • Expectations: The government should ensure the setting up of more higher educational institutes that are job-oriented. The last government had inaugurated a number of degree colleges, but what's the point if there is no employment?
  • On national leaders thronging Ranchi: I want the national leaders to support the government in good endeavours. They should prioritise Jharkhand and work for its betterment.
  • Expectations: Our parents pin their hopes on us. They see us as engineers or doctors, but sadly when we graduate with degrees our names get added to the list of the unemployed. The new government must think about our future.
  • On national leaders thronging Ranchi: I and thousands of young people like me expect a lot from all these leaders.

Compiled by Achintya Ganguly, Antara Bose and Suresh Prasad Nikhar

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