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Govt school launches website to update tech resources

Jamshedpur-based People’s Academy High School in Baradwari launches virtual platform on its premises on Friday

Antara Bose Jamshedpur Published 03.07.20, 09:36 PM
Jamshedpur East MLA Saryu Roy publishes the website at People’s Academy High School, Barawari on Friday

Jamshedpur East MLA Saryu Roy publishes the website at People’s Academy High School, Barawari on Friday Bhola Prasad

The world has moved on towards the virtual platform and government schools, even with minimum resources, are trying their best to be on a par with their private counterparts, especially when it comes to technology.

Jamshedpur-based People’s Academy High School, a state government school in Baradwari, launched its website during a short programme on the school premises on Friday.


Jamshedpur East MLA Saryu Roy published the website,, that aims at better dissemination of information for students and society.

“It’s a great step and sets an example for other schools. It’s a positive change that will inspire others. The best part is that others will come to know,” said Roy.

People’s Academy High School is the first government in Jamshedpur to get a website.

The SS Plus Two High School in Childag Ranchi got its website, last month. This was the first government school in the state to have a website.

At the People’s Academy High School, the teaching staff contributed to the expenses of the website. For SS Plus Two High School, former students of headmaster Avanindra Singh helped build the website.

“Today it is all about information. Moreover, government schools carry a different image in spite of the fact that we try our best to educate our children. With a lack of proper infrastructure unlike private schools, people look down upon government schools just because the students come from a humble background. The website will now serve as a platform of information for students and for all stakeholders,” said Pandey.

The website will have an academic calendar, circulars, notices from the education department, exam notification, gallery, school activities and much more.

The website also informs about the teaching staff, managing committee members and even parent testimonials.

“Most of the time, people know nothing about government schools. The website aims to tell people about what we do, what the government does and this is also a hope for students as they get that recognition,” said Singh.

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