Young inventors test energy saving engine - Lipika-Kanishk team await Tata motors nod

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  • Published 25.12.07

Patna, Dec. 24: A young couple from Patna have invented an energy-saving engine, at a cost of Rs 35,000, which can run without petrol or diesel and can last for a 4.5-lakh kilometre run.

Kanishk and Lipika Sinha are a wife-husband team of inventors of the fuel-free engine that they invented some three years ago. Kanishk Sinha recently got the engine patented (1077/Del/2005) with BigPatents India, a body supported by the Ford Foundation.

The duo today carried out a demonstration by running a bicycle with the engine. Though the mechanic who ran it seemed tad afraid of its speed at first, later he managed an effective demonstration.

The young inventors have completed their MSc in physics from Northeastern Hill University, Shillong. They carried out a research for three to four years before concluding that a “chemical reaction with pure oxygen” causes Q energy to run a dynamo.

“The vehicle made to run without conventional form of fuel is based on the law of interconvertible energy which states that total energy in an isolated system is conserved and can neither be created nor destroyed.

“The motor created by us has a power range of 40-50MW, good enough to meet the needs of a four-wheeler,” explained Lipika.

The inventors added that an engine would cost Rs 35,000 and can be refilled for Rs 10,000. Any four-wheeler could be fitted with the eco-friendly fuel-free engine. Though both claimed that there are thin chances of an engine breakdown, the husband-wife team have taken it upon themselves to train engineers and mechanics and place the engines in towns across Bihar and Bengal.

“We received a proposal from Tata Motors stating that they would like to give our invention a brand name and its service centres,” said Kanishk.

He added that he would soon ink an agreement with Tata Motors for the manufacture of the patented engines for common use. “We just heard from a Tata Motors official called Ravikant regarding the decision,” said Kanishk.

The engine has no exhaust pipes and thus it is pollution free. “Another strong feature is its suitability. It can bear the rough, tough and bumpy Bihar roads,” said the young man enthusiastically.

“Hopefully our luck would turn if we collaborate with Tata Motors,” said Kanishk.

Till that happens and their engines start their magic, the young inventors are happy supporting themselves by running a restaurant at Ashiana Nagar here.