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Salman brings Kat’s claws out   Wanted: Cop for cop’s wife   Smart traffic on the way   Spooky MMS

By The Telegraph Online
  • Published 17.03.08

Salman brings Kat’s claws out

Her smile might melt a million hearts, but hell hath no fury as Katrina Kaif scorned.

The actress recently stormed off a beauty contest she was to judge when a reporter asked her about her relationship with Salman Khan.

Katrina, the only filmstar on the judges’ panel, poured her wrath on the event managers for failing to ensure that journalists stayed away from “personal questions”.

The incident occurred during the third and final round of the Silk and Shine Talent Hunt at the auditorium of Delhi University’s Kamala Nehru College.

Twenty girls participated in the contest, where they were asked about their extra-curricular interests.

Aradhana Nair wore the winner’s crown. Deepika Sehdev was the first runner-up, edging past Poornima Sharma.


Wanted: Cop for cop’s wife

This is one place where his baton doesn’t have any bite. When Sushanth Mahapatra comes home, his wife’s teeth take over.

The additional director-general of Karnataka police has turned to his colleagues for protection from his wife who, he says, bites him and has threatened to stab him.

As the world celebrated International Women’s Day on March 8, Mahapatra got a taste of a different, and dangerous, face of woman power.

The ADG filed a complaint at the Jeevanbhimanagar police station, accusing his wife of biting him on his left arm and cheek. She had also rushed at him with a knife, the FIR said.

Mahapatra, who heads the directorate of civil rights enforcement wing, has moved in with his stepsister.

“We are yet to decide what action should be taken. It is a family matter,” an officer in Jeevanbhimanagar police station said.


Smart traffic on the way

The capital’s traffic is set to get smarter ahead of the 2010 Commonwealth Games.

Police are planning to put in place an infotech-driven Intelligent Traffic System (ITS) that will monitor and streamline movement of vehicles.

Dedicated lanes for athletes travelling from the Games village to various venues, live monitoring of traffic flow, installation of “intelligent” cameras at intersections — the police believe this state-of-the-art system will help clear up clogged roads.

The cops have identified 55 major roads, covering 217.96km, and about 200 intersections to be covered under the system.

“The Intelligent Traffic System proposes to provide IT-driven solutions for the management of traffic in view of the Commonwealth Games, which will be held two years later,” a senior police officer said.


Spooky MMS

An MMS is spooking Tiruvannamalai residents out of their wits.

Some people have reportedly seen, and captured on cellphone cameras, an apparition levitating between two trees in the temple town, 175km from Chennai, where the mountain-saint Ramana Maharishi once lived.

But authorities of Arunachaleshwar temple are not afraid of ghosts. They have started a probe into the authenticity of the MMS doing the rounds of the town.

To add fuel to fire, some regional television channels have begun telecasting the clips.

ast heard: The case is haunting a bunch of bewildered cops given charge of the probe.


delhi: Tune in to vocalist Ghulam Abbas Khan, son and disciple of Ustad Ghulam Sadiq Khan, and sitar player Prateek Chaudhury as they perform a jugalbandi at the India Habitat Centre on Tuesday. The venue is on Lodhi Road. The show begins at 7pm.