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'Sometimes I need to do insignificant roles for the bank balance'

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But Dimple Kapadia Admits Being Cyrus Has Been An Out-of-the-world Experience. By Subhash K. Jha   |   Published 24.03.06, 12:00 AM

Right now, she’s flustered. Her sister is in the hospital and Dimple is hardly in the mood to talk cinema. It has never been a burning ambition, anyway. “That’s a fallacy,” she reveals in that trademark husky voice. “I’ve always been very focused on my career. I don’t know who started this rumour about my being indifferent. The film has to be worth it, na? My last release, Pyar Mein Twist?, it didn’t really matter.”

She dismisses the hue and cry over the supposed casting coup in her last film. “The whole hungama about me being paired with Rishi Kapoor was so silly. There has to be more to a film than two actors who’ve worked together before. But it’s okay.”

Being Cyrus has a lot more. And right now Dimple is more excited about her next release than ever before. “Being Cyrus is a film very dear to me. Otherwise I wouldn’t be talking about it. Have you ever seen me doing promotional interviews? This was one of the most exciting films I’ve done. Working with the director Homi Adajania was an unbelievable experience. It was absolutely out of the world. And I’m certainly not saying this because Being Cyrus is around the corner. There has to be something special about this film for me to talk about it. Homi has worked so hard. He has put the film together so beautifully. He knew exactly how he wanted each character to be played. He’d correct me if I didn’t do a scene his way. It had to be done the way he visualised it. And it wasn’t just in his head. He has executed his ideas so well. Being Cyrus was my most beautiful experience as an actress.”

The last time Dimple was so excited about a film was for Dil Chahta Hai. “That was great fun, too. Like Homi, Farhan Akhtar was a first-time director. I like working with directors who are first-timers. They’re brimming with ideas. And they work so hard on their scenes. It’s a common trait to the new generation. They don’t have a chalta-hai attitude. Believe me, I’ve seen enough of those all my career. Farhan and now Homi were a refreshing change.”

She loved the experience of working with an extremely talented cast in Being Cyrus. “I had worked with Naseer before. But not Saif or Boman. They’re fine actors.” Though there’s no dissatisfaction in her as an actress she does miss having more roles to play that suit her stature as an actress. “There’s nothing significant coming my way. But sometimes I need to do insignificant roles for the bank balance.”

She admits there was hardly any money in Being Cyrus. “But I guess the satisfaction that it has given me is a big reward in itself. Doing Being Cyrus gave me a big high. It was great experience working in this film. And I’m sure it will be as rewarding for viewers.” As for the perfect roles for this gorgeous actress. “I guess they’re yet to be written. Mera number bhi aayega?But that’s okay. I’m grateful to have got this much in my career. Bahut ho gaya.”

Isn’t she tempted to produce her own films just to derive the satisfaction of doing substantial roles? “Not at all. I don’t have the head for business. Agar aa gaya role to theek hai, nahin aaya to bhi theek hai. It doesn’t really bother me. Life has been wonderful. My daughters are well-settled. Bas aur kuchh nahin chaahiye. They should remain happy. Aur kya chaahiye? I’ve the candle business, too, which I enjoy as much as acting. So life is good.”

It’s hard to believe she’s only in her 40s. “Such a full life. And I intend to go on leading it exactly the way I’ve been doing. I want to do one film a year, relax, chill out?Ek-aadh to achhi filmen mil hi jaayengi?I could get lucky by chance. Right now, after Being Cyrus and Pankuj Parasher’s Banaras, there’s nothing else.”

Talk veers to her grandson, Akshay and Twinkle’s son Aarav. “I get to spend a lot of time with him, almost every day. He’s the man in my life. Quite a handful.”

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