Shivaji book ban

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  • Published 9.01.06

Mumbai, Jan. 9: The Maharashtra government today banned the second book by historian James Laine on Shivaji following allegations that it has derogatory references that could pose a law and order problem.

Government sources said a notification to ban the book ? The Epic of Shivaji: A Translation and Study of Kavindra Paramananda’s Sivabharata ? was issued this evening. Laine has co-authored the book with S.S. Bahulkar.

Shivaji’s 13th descendant, Udayan Raje Bhosle, said he was informed of the ban. Bhosle had met the deputy chief minister, R.R. Patil, last November and informed him of the alleged derogatory references. “Though delayed, I am happy that finally the government has acted, but I feel sad that I had to bring it to the notice of the government,” Bhosle told The Telegraph from Satara.

Another book by Laine ? Shivaji ? The Hindu king in Islamic India ? was banned after it ran into protests by some right-wing groups in 2003.

Some protesters also vandalised the Bhandarkar Institute for Oriental Research based in Pune, which Laine had used for research.