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Security blanket on Singur

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By Staff Reporter in Calcutta
  • Published 24.11.06

Calcutta, Nov. 24: A huge police force was gathering tonight at Singur, the site for Tata Motors’ proposed plant, expecting Opposition leader Mamata Banerjee’s arrival tomorrow.

There were also rumours the 400-strong contingent, rustled together from district forces, would try and demarcate the nearly 1,000-acre area the administration is acquiring for the plant.

Tata Motors’ managing director Ravi Kant is also in town tomorrow. He will be briefed by government officials about the progress of land acquisition, but it is not known if he will visit the site.

Ahead of his arrival, the Hooghly district magistrate and police chief spoke to the commerce and industries secretary to bring him up to date on the law and order there.

A Trinamul leader camping at Singur said he expected Mamata to arrive tomorrow afternoon. Last time, she was evicted by the police.