Pressed into action

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By Monindra Mondal was busy turning stars into journos and vice versa on the set. By Anil Grover
  • Published 18.03.05

If they all ? Kunal Mitra, Indrani Halder and Saswata Chatterjee ? were journalists, then where were the stars?

Uh-huh, a little correction, offered director Monindra Mondal. They were only the star journalists, he clarified, and added that we, the visiting press, were the journalist stars. Mondal knows his stars, all right. Also, his onions.

With an interesting storyline (by Asita Bhattacharya), the telefilm Dourh which melds journalism with abhimaan and feminism rather well, Kunal and Indrani play journo colleagues who fall in love and get married, but Kunal rises in rank while Indrani doesn?t.

When she decides to switch job, Kunal berates her. Neverthless, she does; they begin to drift away in their own individual spheres and late-night shifts and strenuous workhours, and Indrani becomes close to her new colleague, Saswata. To rejuvenate their marriage, friends suggest that they make a baby; they do, but then it becomes a job problem again when she applies for maternity leave.

They also get separated when Kunal insists that she quit her job after childbirth. Several years later, Indrani rises to win the best woman journo award and is honoured by a celebrity journo himself: none other than Kunal.

Scheduled telecast:

ETV Bangla

March 20; 9:30 pm