Pet mauls child maid in locked house

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By Staff Reporter in Calcutta
  • Published 5.03.05

Calcutta, March 5: For nearly two hours, a pet Alsatian mauled an eight-year-old domestic help after the mistress of the house had left for work last evening locking the main door from outside.

Gudia Jacob has been admitted to the paediatric ward of AMRI hospital with ?deep wounds? all over her body. ?She has also developed some neurological problem, possibly due to shock and the poison, which is not uncommon in cases of dog bite,? said an attending doctor.

No police case has been initiated yet. The girl?s family has not been told about the incident.

Swapna Chanda, a music teacher who lives with her mother and son in a two-storeyed building in Agarpara, on the city?s northern fringes, had left for classes leaving Gudia with the old woman and two pet Alsatians. Her husband is posted in Kharagpur. Sudip, their 18-year-old son, was away.

All the lights had been switched off to save electricity.

Around 7 pm, neighbours heard the dogs ? one of them was tethered ? barking and the girl screaming. For the next two hours, they stood outside wondering how to save Gudia who had recently been brought from Howrah?s Sankrail.

When Swapna returned around 9 and opened the door, Gudia was found in a corner, her clothes torn and covered in blood. ?Swapna?s mother cannot move and she couldn?t have done anything to save Gudia. It would have been difficult for anyone to locate her in the pitch-dark house,? said a neighbour.

But Swapna said Gudia must have ?teased? Jack. ?Or else, such a thing could have happened before with anyone else. Our two dogs have been with us for the last five years and never have they attacked anyone.?