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National flag tops #MoonEssentials for Indians

Many wanted to banish the 'enemies of humanity' to the moon

The Telegraph   |     |   Published 13.07.19, 11:22 AM

In the run-up to the launch on Monday of India’s second moon mission, Chandrayaan-2, the Indian Space Research Organisation (Isro) launched an interesting quiz on Twitter. The space agency asked its followers to name the things they would take to the moon if they had the chance.

Soon after Isro’s tweet, #MoonEssentials began trending on the social media platform with people naming those things that they thought would be essential for life on the moon.

The one thing that seemed to be on every Netizen’s mind was the Tricolour. Some wanted to take a moonwalk, while others said they would want to carry a scoop for bringing back moon water.

Isro acknowledged the responses in a series of tweets: 


Some of the responses were political: 

Others, like Ayush Kumar Choudhary, displayed their patriotism while taking the Isro quiz:

Many wanted to banish the “enemies of humanity” to the moon:

And, of course, the jokes quickly followed: 

Chandrayaan-2 will be launched from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre at Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh. It will head to the moon's south polar region. The earlier Chandrayaan mission was launched almost 10 years ago.

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