My Man

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  • Published 1.09.06

One quality you would like your man to possess?

There is not one, but far too many qualities. My wish list is quite big!

And they are…

He should be confident and very sure of himself. He should be fantastic at his job and also as hardworking as I am. Then he should love to work out and should have very good family values. And most important, he should smell very good and be a real good soul.

From Bollywood or outside?

I will definitely not go for someone from the film industry. I want someone from outside.

Internal or external beauty? He should be beautiful inside out. Well, I guess that matters the most.

Brainy or brawny? Definitely brainy.

Is a sense of humour a must? Well, yes, I won’t miss on that one either. That way he can keep me entertained in the most boring situations.

How important would calls and SMSes be in your relationship? Well, yes, it’s very important. But I would like him to call me more than I do!

What do you think of metro-sexual men? Well, they are just okay but they shouldn't overdo that thing. They shouldn’t end up being girly.

How long would you wait to take your relationship to the next level? Next level, as in marriage, for me won’t take very long. The moment I see him for the first time I would know this is it. He is the one and won’t keep waiting after that.