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Investigate PM too, says Rahul

Congress: Should only theft of files be probed, not theft of Rs 30,000 crore?

  • Published 8.03.19, 1:54 AM
  • Updated 8.03.19, 8:48 AM
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Congress president Rahul Gandhi during a press conference in New Delhi on Thursday PTI

Rahul Gandhi on Thursday asked if criminal investigation would now be conducted in the country only against those opposed to Narendra Modi.

“Justice should be for all,” the Congress president said, addressing a media conference a day after the government had threatened to prosecute The Hindu newspaper for publishing information on the Rafale deal that the Centre described as “stolen”.

“If the papers are true, it is clear that the Prime Minister’s Office was running a parallel negotiation in the Rafale deal. The PMO means the Prime Minister — Narendra Modi. It is clear the price of the Rafale aircraft increased and the public sector HAL was removed to favour Anil Ambani,” Rahul said.

The Congress had on Wednesday sought an FIR against Modi, claiming the Indian negotiation team’s report made it clear he had “looted the nation’s treasury”.

“File notings establish a PMO role. Parallel negotiation was not being done for fun. There was a reason. There should be investigation into the Prime Minister’s role. Criminal investigation in India will now be done only against those who are opposed to the PM? Not against the PM? Why?”

Criminal investigation in India will now be done only against those who are opposed to the PM? Not against the PM? Why?

Rahul Gandhi

The Congress leader said the attorney-general’s submission in the Supreme Court about Rafale files being stolen was “very interesting”.

“The government says we will investigate the media. Person who stole Rs 30,000 crore and gave to Anil Ambani will not be investigated…. The government has only one job — save Modi.”

Rahul alleged direct kickbacks for the government, making the accusation for the first time. “The deal was changed because Modi wanted to give Rs 30,000 crore to Ambani. You didn’t want the money to go to Ambani alone. You too will get benefit,” he said.

In a tweet after the media conference, Rahul said: “First, the money was stolen in Rafale deal and now files have been stolen. FIR should be filed against Modi but FIR is being filed against the media that exposed the theft. This is called Andher Nagri Chaupat Raja.”

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