Idiot box egoes - The screen may be small, but not the tantrums

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By The Telegraph Online
  • Published 7.04.06

Rohit Roy: Younger of the Roy brothers, Rohit has been quite famous for his tantrums and bossy attitude right from his early days in Swabhimaan. But the height was seen recently when he held up the shooting of Sarrkkar for four hours saying he was not convinced about a particular scene. The best part was the fact that the scene in question didn’t have him as a character! While artistes performing the scene had no problems, Rohit threw his weight around and didn’t let the shooting resume till such time he didn’t get a chance to speak to channel executives.


Vinod Singh: The original Ayushmaan (he was later replaced by Sudeep Sahir), Vinod Singh was so desperate to make his presence felt on the set that he went to an extent no one had dared before. He crossed all limits when he actually got physical with a spot boy beating him black and blue. Already infamous for his bad temper and dirty tongue, Vinod got mad at the spot boy just because he was asked to shoot for an extra hour. Immediately after the incident, he was thrown out of the serial and till date, is looking out for some work without any luck.


Narayani Shastri: Famous as Rimjhim of Piya Ka Ghar, Narayani Shastri’s association with Zee TV goes a long way. She’s done most of her serials with the channel, which includes Koi Apna Sa. But the same lady locked horns with the channel when she refused to play an older role after the time jump in Piya Ka Ghar and demanded she be given the double role of mother-daughter without which, she wouldn’t do the serial. Bent before her unreasonable demands, the channel had to give in and she went on to play both the roles as she wanted.


Niki Aneja Walia: Astitva gave her the recognition as an actress. Having done paltry roles in some sitcoms, she went on to become a milestone character in the history of television serials with her character, Dr Simran. But it wasn’t easy for her to keep her feet on the ground after that. The ageing actress was so insecure about her role that she made newcomers in the show literally cry. Again, when Zee TV announced Zee Astitva Awards, she refused to be a part of this just because the invitation cards didn’t read ‘Dr Simran invites you to the show’. It took everybody a good amount of time and energy to finally persuade her to arrive at the show.