Go mobile with pocket travel guide

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By OUR CORRESPONDENT in Bhubaneshwar
  • Published 1.06.09

Bhubaneswar, May 31: Entrepreneur Samir Dash is promising travellers a world at their fingertips.

“Name any city or town and the Pocket Travel Assistant or PTA — an application that can be downloaded to a mobile phone — will provide every possible information needed by a traveller. The application derives its data from Google maps, Yahoo, Flickr, Wikipedia, BBC, Reuters, Twitter and YouTube and some more service providers and transmits it,” said Dash.

Once the application is on, a traveller can dial and seek emergency numbers for local doctors, emergency-services, helplines, police, medical facilities and clinics and also get the street addresses, phone numbers and maps to the locations.

On the flip side, the freeware would be available in Flash Lite 3x-enabled mobile phones.

PTA would provide shortcuts to Google maps, a link to Wikipedia and Flickr images and to YouTube. Thus, if there are any related videos and/or photos of a city on YouTube or/and Flickr, be sure, it would be available for PTA users.

Users can also type in to receive weather details — such as temperature, humidity, air-pressure. The PTA will also double up as a translator, while it links to Google translation page. English to Greek, Spanish, Russian and French languages would be made easy.

Through the PTA-enabled phone a visitor can also catch a glimpse of local news using geo-location detection and the IP address of a GPRS network.

“Once it is PTA enabled, a phone will provide news through feeds currency converter search tools and project Gutenberg under M-book library section. The application has been developed and submitted to Nokia's contest and also to Adobe's contest,” Samir said.

Here’s wishing him and travellers all the best.