Cricket scandal: untold story - Pak player says affair gone awry behind rape charge

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  • Published 26.02.05

Lahore, Feb. 26: The mystery over why the Melbourne woman, who claimed to have been raped by a Pakistani cricketer during the Boxing Day Test, didn?t lodge a police complaint appears to have been solved: there was, it seems, no rape.

The woman, as reported in these columns, is of Pakistani origin.

According to The Telegraph?s sources, the cricketer and the woman did have a relationship on Pakistan?s previous (1999-2000) tour of Australia ? only, that was time-bound.

So, while the cricketer forgot about her, the woman actually hoped he would marry her ? and said as much when she met him, after four years, in end-December.

The initiative for that meeting, in the team hotel, was taken by the woman.

Going by what the cricketer told the team management, she became hysterical when he explained ?developments? in his ?personal life? ruled out marrying her.

In the woman?s eyes (and heart), that was betrayal.

The cricketer ? incidentally, not the flamboyant senior initially suspected ? himself volunteered details once a Sydney tabloid went to town with the rape allegation.

He is understood to have confessed there was a ?scene of sorts? in his room, which ended with the woman storming out.

However, sexual or otherwise, there was no assault.

The team management learnt that the woman was accompanied by a lady friend, who waited in the lobby.

Apparently, it was she who persuaded the distraught woman to head for the Centre Against Sexual Assault and ?teach? the cricketer a lesson.

That the woman didn?t go beyond seeking ?counselling? ? that, too, at her friend?s behest ? somewhat confirms the cricketer?s version.

In any case, the team management (and the Pakistan Cricket Board) didn?t doubt him as he has a ?clean image? and hasn?t ever been booked for indiscipline.

The cricketer, by the way, has been picked for the tour of India, which begins on Monday.