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Black brigade stains Shakti

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  • Published 30.05.05

Mumbai, May 30: Youth activists in Nagpur accosted Bollywood baddie Shakti Kapoor, caught in a casting couch controversy, at the airport this morning and splashed black ink on his face.

Youth Force, a little known local group, gheraoed Kapoor as he arrived at the airport around 7.30 am to board a flight to Mumbai. They splashed black ink on him, but Kapoor managed to escape and board his flight around 8.15.

The actor was in Nagpur for a charity show organised by a motor company last night.

When contacted, the actor said: “I initially thought they were fans welcoming me. Someone told me they want me to pose for photographs with them. When I alighted from my car, they wanted to apply tilak on my forehead. Suddenly, I found ink being splashed on me.”

The activists succeeded in splashing a part of Kapoor’s face and his shirt with the ink. He managed to enter the airport and after a change of clothes boarded the flight to Mumbai.

“No, I wasn’t physically hurt. I am fine,” said an unperturbed Kapoor.

Kapoor, along with TV anchor Aman Verma, was caught on camera in separate sting operations on Bollywood’s casting couch, where they allegedly demanded sex from an undercover reporter in return for helping her get film roles.