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13th place for state on rape list

Bihar has relatively controlled incidents of rape in comparison to the BJP-ruled Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra - among the first four states on the list.

By Joy Sengupta in Patna
  • Published 23.08.15

Patna, Aug. 22: Bihar has relatively controlled incidents of rape in comparison to the BJP-ruled Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra - among the first four states on the list.

According to data released by National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) for 2014, the state is second to Bengal in cases of attempt to rape but actualisation of the incident would hardly conform to the intent of offenders.

The rape figures in the state in 2014 stands at 1,127 against 1,128 in 2013. In Madhya Pradesh, the number of rape cases in 2014 stand at 5,076 while in Maharashtra, the same stands at 3,438.

Bihar stands at 13th place on the list - far below Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra.

Former director-general of police Ashish Ranjan Sinha said there was no reason for the state to resort to laxity on this count despite the minor fall in the number of rape cases. "It can very well be that a girl might have got free by herself or someone saved her," he added.

Another IPS officer, requesting anonymity, said: "The rise in the numbers of attempt to rape is alarming and shows that women are getting assaulted more."

About the rise in attempt to rape cases, psychologist Binda Singh said that families were to be blamed for his. "We are coming across cases of attempt to rape victims who are in shock and need help. Earlier, the joint family system prevailed and moral was high," she said.

The state might not be at the top on the list of rape offenders but Bihar has fared badly when it comes murder, rioting and other forms of criminal incidents.

If one looks at the other crime figures, the state stands second after Uttar Pradesh when it comes to dowry deaths. While Bihar recorded a total of 1,373 dowry deaths in 2014, UP was ahead with 2,469. When it comes to murders, Bihar again was at the second place with 3,403 murders in 2014 after Uttar Pradesh. The state was at the second spot too when it comes to attempt to murder cases whose figure stood at 4,379.

Also in Bihar, a total of 933 people were killed by licensed arms and 787 people died after been shot by unlicensed weapons. Here too the state stood second after the neighbouring Uttar Pradesh.

The state, as the figures say, was heavily prone to dacoity too with 2014 recording a total of 538 incidents of dacoity in the state. The state was second to Maharashtra.

The state stood first in cases of rioting with 13,566 cases recorded last year and remained in the fourth place when it came to kidnapping for ransom cases (6,570).

In cases of theft, the state recorded a total of 22,888 cases and remained behind Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Rajasthan and UP.

The BJP, however, did not miss a chance to attack Nitish yet again. "Things were smooth in Bihar until we were with Nitish till 2013. Now, it is nothing but jungle raaj-2. In almost all forms of criminal incidents, Bihar figures among the top six to seven states heavily prone to crime. People are not safe anymore in here," said Usha Vidyarthi, a BJP spokesperson and the MLA of Paliganj.

Sanjay Singh, a JDU MLC and spokesperson, countered the BJP. "Madhya Pradesh, which is BJP-ruled, also figures on the list and is among the worst affected by criminal incidents. So is there Mangal raaj there?" Sanjay said.