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Sunday, January 21, 2018


The burden of being happy

First published on 21-Jan-2018
Nazneen is my patient’s daughter. She’s now 28 years old and she came to see me along with her mother, Mrs Akhtar, whom I had known for more than a decade. I have seen Nazneen grow up, from being a gawky teenager accompanying her mothe......   | Read..

Strong is the new skinny

First published on 17-Jan-2018
According to a study by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), women lose 10 per cent muscle mass between the ages of 30 and 50. After that, the rate of loss increases....   | Read..

On your feet, to keep fit 

First published on 17-Jan-2018
I have been reading a great many articles that are advising standing up frequently if you have a sedentary lifestyle....   | Read..


First published on 17-Jan-2018
Reducing arsenic in public water systems from 50 micrograms per litre to 10 resulted in fewer cancers, says a report published in Lancet Public Health. ...   | Read..

Trainer's tips

First published on 17-Jan-2018
Walk for 5-10 minutes in a fast pace for warm up...   | Read..

Eat right

First published on 17-Jan-2018
Have a cup of black coffee without sugar before the workout. This will increase your ability to exercise by at least 30 per cent...   | Read..

How to be happy at work

First published on 17-Jan-2018
More of us than ever now feel that our work life is actually affecting our mental health. So why are we so down? And, more importantly, what needs to change to fix it? Enter Dr Annie McKee. The sen......   | Read..

Manage migraine

First published on 10-Jan-2018
Although my migraines were not nearly as bad as those that afflict many others, they took a toll on my work, family life and recreation. Atypically, they were not accompanied by nausea or neck pain......   | Read..

Take a shot, everyone

First published on 10-Jan-2018
We are all aware that timely immunisation prevents many childhood diseases. There are more than 15 infectious diseases - such as diphtheria, whooping cough, tetanus, rotavirus diarrhoea, jaundice (......   | Read..

Bebo’s flat tummy diet

First published on 05-Jan-2018
The learning started right from the get-go, with Rujuta Diwekar insisting on starting the talk right on time. “You can be late for a talk. But if we do this with our meals, that’s ......   | Read..

The hunger games

First published on 03-Jan-2018
Winter is a season of challenges for health-conscious foodies. You have been fairly disciplined throughout the year about what you eat and how much but faced with the buffet of deliciousness - Chri......   | Read..

Start early, live longer

First published on 03-Jan-2018
Being active in youth may change the inner workings of brain cells much later in life and sharpen some types of thinking, according to a remarkable new neurological study involving rats....   | Read..


First published on 03-Jan-2018
Vigorous physical activity may increase the risk for vision loss. The findings of a new study has surprised and puzzled researchers. Using questionnaires, Korean researchers evaluated physical acti......   | Read..

To drink or not to drink

First published on 03-Jan-2018
I am confused about the amount of water I should be drinking. Is eight glasses a day really enough?  ...   | Read..

Best foot forward

First published on 27-Dec-2017
Think fitness and the images that pop up in your mind are of people gymming, jogging or doing yoga. The humble walk never makes it to our mental collage, although it has all the benefits....   | Read..

Sleep deep

First published on 27-Dec-2017
Sufficient, restful and sound sleep seems to be a prerogative of children and young adults, even though older people too need the same 7-9 hours of sleep at night. About half the population over th......   | Read..

Fit Kit

First published on 24-Dec-2017
Samrat Sen picks six tools for a dynamic workout....   | Read..


First published on 23-Dec-2017
December is a great month to reflect on the last 11, take stock of your progress — or the lack of it — and generally review your fitness programme....   | Read..

Fire your fat

First published on 20-Dec-2017
There are some lucky people who never gain weight no matter what they eat and then there are others who pile on the kilos even if they are living on cucumbers and yoghurt. The culprit here is metab......   | Read..

Fight heartburn with food

First published on 20-Dec-2017
Many people would rather take a drug than change their habits to control a persistent ailment. Yet, every medication has side effects. Drugs considered safe when first marketed can turn out to have......   | Read..