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Tuesday, February 20, 2018


Fit is hit

First published on 01-Dec-2017
80+ events. 1,400 participants. 16,000 attendees. THE FIT EXPO 2017, presented by bodyline and partnered by t2, was a knockout! The top draws from the two-day fitness fair......   | Read..

Twists and turns

First published on 29-Nov-2017
You have decided to take up yoga inspired by some television yoga guru or a mass yoga camp. Do not think you will be able to take to it like a duck to water. In fact, your muscles, bones and tendon......   | Read..

Don't go for magic mantras

First published on 29-Nov-2017
Q I have often come across advertisements for supplements that claim to help in weight loss without diet or exercise. Do they work? It is hard to imagine how weight loss is possible without di......   | Read..


First published on 24-Nov-2017
The Fit Expo 2017 presented by Bodyline and partnered by t2...   | Read..

Meat of the matter

First published on 22-Nov-2017
Do you feel tired even after eight solid hours of sleep? It's not just because of the long hours you are putting in at work, it could be the sign of a deficiency too. If you also feel depressed wit......   | Read..

Breathe in, breathe out

First published on 22-Nov-2017
Asthma is a frightening diagnosis, one people don't like to hear. Internationally, the nomenclature for it has been changed to "reactive airways disease". It means a person's airways reac......   | Read..


First published on 19-Nov-2017
One out of every two Indian children faces sexual abuse in some form or the other. So, roughly every second child you meet has experienced sexual abuse. Boys are equally abused, but find it mo......   | Read..

No magic cream

First published on 15-Nov-2017
Sreyashi Sarkar was not much into skincare but after turning 40, she got worried about her ageing skin. A neighbourhood chemist sugges-ted an anti-wrinkle cream and Sarkar promptly bought it. After......   | Read..


First published on 15-Nov-2017
Gluten not the culprit ...   | Read..

Bitter diabetes, sweet truths

First published on 15-Nov-2017
November 14 is World Diabetes Day. It is when awareness campaigns are kick-started and free diabetes detection camps held. This is necessary because undiagnosed, uncontrolled diabetes and its compl......   | Read..

Don’t let bad news bog you down

First published on 15-Nov-2017
Despite numerous studies and speculations, scientists are still not clear exactly how stress affects us physically and psychologically. Some stress is actually good, creating a state of readiness a......   | Read..


First published on 12-Nov-2017
Pharrell Williams got it spot on in those four lines of his Happy song. We are genuinely happy when we know what we want to do, when we find our place in the greater picture and feel like a room wi......   | Read..


First published on 12-Nov-2017
t2oS GETS CRACKING ON THIS SUPERFOOD in california’s central valley ...   | Read..

Oil of the soil

First published on 08-Nov-2017
Bottles of olive oil are flying off supermarket shelves these days as the fad of cooking in this "healthy" oil sweeps Indian kitchens. Olive oil is part of the fabled Mediterranean diet, ......   | Read..

Skin deep

First published on 08-Nov-2017
Many people say that olive oil is the best thing that can happen to your skin but that is a myth. There are many cases where the oil causes more harm than good...   | Read..


First published on 08-Nov-2017
The deciding factor...   | Read..


First published on 05-Nov-2017
Exercising for a better quality of life is a very wise decision. You can build muscle and get stronger, have more endurance and maintain your flexibility. All very important things in life....   | Read..

What not to eat

First published on 01-Nov-2017
No pineapple or raw papayas in your diet anymore," said the doctor with a smile as he wrote up Supriya Patra's prescription. She was pregnant and that was only the first in a long list of diet......   | Read..

The sham in shampoos

First published on 01-Nov-2017
Q I was told that shampoos contain dangerous chemicals called parabens....   | Read..

To bicker less, sleep more

First published on 01-Nov-2017
It started as a simple conversation about a child's birthday party. But it quickly escalated into a full-blown marital rift. She accused him of neglecting the family. He said she was yelling....   | Read..