Here's evidence that loud background music in restaurants affects food choices - and not in a good way. Behavioural scientists who ran a series of lab studies and field experiments found that participants selected more unhealthy items like red meat and cake when the ambient music was loud. They were more likely to choose healthy items when softer music was played in the background. "High-volume music is more exciting and makes you physically more excited, less inhibited and more likely to choose something indulgent," said Dipayan Biswas, a professor of business and of marketing at University of South Florida in Tampa and lead author of the paper, published in the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science. The genre of music did not appear to influence the choices, the researchers said.
NYTNS Jun 27, 2018 00:00 IST

Parental guidance

Most parents will agree that their parenting goals are largely to ensure that their children know how to navigate through life — how to be happy in whatever they do, and how to deal with the ups and downs of life. 
Sangbarta Chattopadhyay & Namita Bhuta Jun 24, 2018 00:00 IST

What it means to be healthy

People often confuse health with fitness and assume if they are physically fit they are healthy. There is a big difference between the two even though both are important.
Jun 24, 2018 00:00 IST


It's been estimated to affect up to a third of adults, and for some it can prove debilitating. So when British news anchorman, Tom Bradby, was revealed to be absent from work with insomnia, his plight will have struck a chord with many.
The Daily Telegraph Jun 20, 2018 00:00 IST

Go bananas

A banana might reasonably replace sports drinks for those of us who rely on carbohydrates to fuel exercise and speed recovery, according to a new study comparing the cellular effects of carbohydrates consumed during sports.
Nytns Jun 20, 2018 00:00 IST

Surgery: the last resort

QI have severe pain in my right knee. The doctor says it is osteoarthritis, the knee is damaged and that I need a knee replacement. Not only is it expensive, but I am also only 47 years old.
YOUR HEALTH - Dr Gita Mathai Jun 20, 2018 00:00 IST


Researchers interviewed 501 couples who were trying to get pregnant without medical assistance. The participants kept diaries on their diet and other health and behavioural habits, including fish consumption. The researchers followed the pairs for a year or until pregnancy. They found that men who had two or more 4-ounce servings of fish a week had a 47 per cent shorter time to pregnancy, and women a 60 per cent shorter time, than those who ate fewer servings a week. By 12 months, 92 per cent of the couples who ate fish twice a week or more were pregnant, compared with 79 per cent among those who ate less. The study, in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, controlled for age, education level, smoking, alcohol intake, physical activity and other factors.
Nytns Jun 20, 2018 00:00 IST

Reach out. Now.

Depression in young people is a difficult terrain to traverse. As a matter of fact, coping with depression is difficult for everyone, but it is more so for young people. There is usually a denial or lack of acknowledgement that young people can get depressed. For many years, it was thought that children and young people are actually incapable of feeling depressed.  
J. R. Ram Jun 17, 2018 00:00 IST

‘We are in this lonely battle together’ — poet Rupi Kaur’s message for those fighting the ‘sickness’

In the midst of so many suicides that have taken place this year — I feel terrified. Sometimes I myself feel so trapped in the dark it feels like the only way out is to end it all.
Jun 17, 2018 00:00 IST

Code Green

We are all supposed to include three cups - or six servings - of vegetables in our daily diet. Unfortunately, most of us fail to do so. And that is why some of us take the quick and easy way out by drinking vegetable juice instead.
Jun 13, 2018 00:00 IST

Don't be chicken

Until the age of one, a baby is protected from chicken pox by antibodies that have crossed over before birth from the mother. By the age of 20, 90 per cent of people has had chickenpox.
YOUR HEALTH - Dr Gita Mathai Jun 13, 2018 00:00 IST


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