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Healeo Nutrition launches India’s First DNA-based Fatty Liver Reversal Program

ABP Digital Brand Studio Published 01.07.22, 12:53 AM

Healeo Nutrition, the D2C health and wellness firm based out of Bangalore have launched their Unique DNA-based Fatty Liver Reversal Program in India. A one of its kind programs targeting people suffering from liver related issues, the company aims to use the genetic report to reverse fatty liver within 12 weeks!

Founded by Vineeth V. T. and Rahul M Pillai, Healeo Nutrition is backed by Global Group of Companies, a Multinational Conglomerate based in the Sultanate of Oman. Well known in the Indian Health Fraternity for their potent and powerful health supplements, they have ventured into the service sector by launching DNA based Fatty Liver Reversal Program.

Discussing about people suffering from fatty liver in India, Cofounder Rahul Pillai says “Liver is the most important organ of the body and is the king of all organs. Everything that we eat including food and medicines are metabolized in the liver first, and then is made available to the body. It plays an important function in flushing out toxins from the body. Liver is also a unique organ like skin that has self-healing properties and can regenerate on its own if proper nutrition is provided.

Fatty liver develops when your body produces too much fat or doesn’t metabolize fat efficiently enough. This is a huge and unaddressed problem in India. More than 30% of people suffer from Fatty liver, and they don’t even know it! Most of the people start getting symptoms only after it has progressed to stage 3 or Cirrhosis. At this stage, the person will have no option but to do a Liver Transplant as more than 80% of their Liver has already been damaged.”

With over 95% success rate, Healeo Nutrition’s genomics led program is revolutionising the wellness sector by offering precision diet and lifestyle plans to its clients. Healeo has partnered with leading Genetic Labs in India to collect blood samples from its clients to sequence the entire Human Genome, consisting of more than 2 billion DNA base pairs using advanced DNA Microarray Technology. The raw DNA report is then interpretated with the help of advanced machine learning AI based techniques to provide detailed risk levels of several health conditions as well as their response levels to certain nutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins, fats etc.

The extensive and experienced team of Nutrigenomics Experts at Healeo, then use this report to formulate a unique and personalised diet and exercise program to reverse fatty liver. The program is deployed via their app, where the team tracks the daily progress of the clients, offering unlimited consultations, chat support and hand held guidance throughout the program.

Talking about the role of genomics in liver diseases, Co Founder of Healeo Nutrition, Vineeth V. T. says “Once diagnosed with fatty liver, Your doctors might just tell you to lose weight, eat healthy foods, exercise etc. Even Though they are right, everyone’s body type is different and we all respond to foods and exercise differently. Then how can follow a standard advice and expect to receive a real outcome? That is why more than 90% of fatty liver cases in India progress to the cirrhosis stage. To get real outcomes to reverse your fatty liver, you have to look within your body, beyond your blood markers and Liver Function Tests. You have to look within your DNA.

Your DNA is like the blueprint of your body, which tells exactly what health conditions you are prone to, what food works for you, what exercises give you best results and what lifestyle you need to follow. This is why we at Healeo extensively study the human genome to provide a customised action plan for reversing fatty liver within 12 weeks or less. Our vision is to use this technology to create a fatty liver free India”

Vineeth has also said that the company is planning to launch genomics led programs for weight loss and PCOS in the coming weeks.

The Bangalore based firm started its operations in 2020 and entered the health and wellness arena aiming to provide the most potent herbal supplements in India. Their Liver Forte supplement emerged as one of the best-selling Liver supplements in Amazon, earning them a space in the highly exclusive Amazon Launchpad Program. They were also lauded for being one of the first brands in India to test every batch of their products at independent third-party laboratories.

Healeo Nutrition has also partnered with Cuddles Foundation, a non profit organisation based in Mumbai, to empower children who are fighting against cancer with the right nutrition, and has pledged a portion of every sale they make towards helping Cuddles in their cause.


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