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Wranga Canvass - An Initiative By Wranga For Mentoring Kids In The Digital World

ABP Digital Brand Studio Published 31.01.22, 05:23 PM

Wranga, an ecosystem for digital parents to raise children in a safe and positive cyber environment, announced the launch of Wranga Canvas, a social hub with a vision to mentor children in the digital world.

As the pandemic hit the world in 2020, a major boom of content, either visual or audio, has been witnessed in the digital world. Before the pandemic, the consumption of the internet was controlled but due to the advent of the internet, the rules of digital consumption for content have taken a significant leap.

Wranga Canvass is an initiative by Wranga that is to be foreseen as a platform for parents to seek advice and find methods to mentor their children instead of monitoring them. It is a guide for you and your children to navigate the internet age better. It covers topics like digital parenting, digital mentoring, monitoring screen time for children and so on.

But most importantly, Wranga Canvass brings out the voices of many experts such as Stephen Balkam, Founder and CEO of FOSI (Family Online Safety Institute), Sonia Livingstone, an expert of Social Psychology, Media and Communications in London School of Economics, Dr Sameer Hinduja, a Professor in the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice at Florida Atlantic University and Co-Director of the Cyberbullying Research Center and more in form of short clips and interviews which are personally interviewed by one of the founders, Amitabh Kumar, who is himself an expert in the sphere of online safety and digital parenting. The clips are to be spread out via Wranga’s website as well as on their social media platforms to mentor the parents in the simplest form.

Amitabh Kumar, Co-Founder at Wranga, defines the vision of this platform as, "Wranga Canvass is a tool to develop a positive culture of digital parenting, as we help parents in making informed digital choices for their children. We have an all-star line-up of experts from across the globe sharing tips and tricks."

About Wranga:

Wranga is an ecosystem for digital parents to raise children in a safe and positive cyber environment.

Founded by four partner’s, Amitabh Kumar, Ashish Jaiman, Manish Tiwari and Sarada Prasanna Das, Wranga is all set to launch its first-ever innovative application this year, to provide you with an online platform of content ratings, reviews, and recommendations customized for your child, helping you better navigate the digital world for your children.

The consequence of the digital revolution has been an explosion of content, mainly in the digital space with very little oversight or control for children and young adults. Historically, audio and visual content was consumed in a controlled manner, but it has changed entirely with the advent of the internet age. Wranga is your friend, philosopher & guide helping you better navigate the digital world for your children.


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