Twisted metal

t2 cranks up the distortion so you can add some metal to your fave pop tracks!

  • Published 7.12.17

If the latest pop and hip-hop tracks aren’t quite your cup of tea, tune into these YouTube musicians who can breathe life (and metal) into your mundane playlist!

Who: Leo Moracchioli
YouTube channel: FrogLeapStudios
From: Oltedal, Norway
Subscribers: 2.1 million
Views: 432 million
Known for: Metal covers of popular songs where he plays, records, mixes and masters everything on his own.
What to expect: A new metal cover every Friday, gear reviews and music travel vlogs.
Must-watch videos: Metal covers of Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda, Adele’s Hello and Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Californication.

Who: Steve Terreberry
YouTube channel: Steve Terreberry
From: Canada
Subscribers: 756K
Views: 87 million
Known for: Being a metal comedian.
What to expect: Parody of metal songs and covers, with that extra geeky feel thrown in to go with insane guitar skills.
Must-watch videos: How To Play Guitar Like Lil Wayne, Gangsta Djent and Careless Whisper Guitar Cover.

Who: Jared Dines
YouTube channel: Jared Dines
From: Washington
Subscribers: 1.5 million
Views: 328 million
Known for: Humorous imitation of musicians and metal mash-ups.
What to expect: Comedy skits on everything musical and metal songs — covers as well as originals.
Must-watch videos: Shred Wars, 11 Types Of Drummers Playing Classic Songs and Things You Should Never Tell A Guitarist.

Who: Sahil Makhija
YouTube channel: Sahil Makhija, but also appears on Headbanger’s Kitchen and India Food Network
From: Mumbai
Subscribers: 2.7K
Views: 887K
Known for: Metal and passion for cooking.
What to expect: Heavy metal with his band Demonic Resurrection, and, on his food channel, cooking “heavy-metal recipes”. When the channel started, Sahil would “cook up a dish, name it after a (metal) band and interview them”. Now it’s keto all the way.
Must-watch videos: Home-Made Bacon Bombs and The Demonstealer series.

Who: Rob Scallon
YouTube channel: Rob Scallon
From: Chicago
Subscribers: 1.1 million
Views: 191 million
Known for: His slap-guitar technique.
What to expect: Covers and originals that he records, playing the banjo, ukulele, guitar, bass and drums.
Must-watch videos: Metallica’s One, Sitar Metal and Cowboys From Hell cover with the ukulele.

Who: Eric Calderone
YouTube channel: 331ERock
From: Florida
Subscribers: 1.4 million
Views: 262 million
Known for: Shred guitar madness.
What to expect: Metal renditions of songs and films and television themes.
Must-watch videos: Batman 1966 Meets Metal, Game of Thrones — Light of the Seven Meets Metal and Fur Elise Meets Metal.


Who: The Great Kat
YouTube channel:  The Great Kat but her videos are spread all over the Internet.
From: New York
Known as: Guitar/violin shredder.
What to expect: The woman The New York Times has said is a “part of something larger and more significant than herself” is a Juilliard graduate who gives mind-blowing twists to classical masterpieces.
Must-watch videos: Flight of the Bumblebee, William Tell Overture, Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5.

Text: Nikhil Sen
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