The late bloomer

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By How four women change Jisshu's life in Atanu Ghosh's Takhan Teish
  • Published 1.05.10

Atanu Ghosh on taking a different turn with Takhan Teish after his critically acclaimed directorial debut Angshumaner Chhobi...

Takhan Teish is quite an unconventional title...

Yes, I try to write unconventional scripts. All my telefilms had very different stories. Here, though the title is unconventional, the storyline is simple. You don’t have to try hard to understand what’s happening.

What’s the story about?

It’s about Tamadeep, a junior doctor (played by Jisshu), and how meeting four women in the span of 48 hours influences his life. I am showing three stages in his life. A major part is set when he is 23 years old. There’s also a little bit when he is 17. These two phases are in flashback. The last phase is when he is 27. Tamadeep is a very sensitive guy, coming from a good family background. There’s a reference to his grandfather who had predicted that Tamadeep would either become an artist or would run away from home. That prophecy had a deep impact on him.

Why did you cast Jisshu as Tamadeep?

Initially, I thought of Parambrata (Chattopadhyay). But when I finished writing the story, I felt Jisshu fitted the bill. He can be passed off in the 23-24 year age bracket. Besides, I like Jisshu’s style of acting... it’s very behavioural. He is spontaneous and tailor-made for the role.

Who are the four women in his life?

Tanusree Shankar plays Tamadeep’s mother. Indrani Halder plays Meghna, his biology teacher with whom Tamadeep has an intense relationship at age 17.

Aparajita (Ghosh Das) plays Sreeparna, Tamadeep’s Facebook friend. Then there’s Paoli, who plays his patient Mohini. Tamadeep feels he has seen her before.... Mohini is almost like his muse. And in the span of 48 hours, Tamadeep is destined to face all four women, which slowly changes his perception of life. Takhan Teish is, in that sense, a psychological thriller.

Your debut film Angshumaner Chhobi too had the psychological angle...

Yes, I had touched upon that angle in Angshumaner Chhobi. But in Takhan Teish, I am deeply probing the mind of a sensitive guy. Tamadeep is a late bloomer... a guy whose maturity level is not on a par with his age... and that in itself is a very difficult thing to explore. I wrote Takhan Teish before Angshumaner Chhobi and it took me more than three months to finish the script.

Is Takhan Teish autobiographical?

No, it isn’t. But I have come across people like Tamadeep who are brilliant, aloof and live in a world created in their minds. In that way, it’s a very challenging and personal film. I have had long sessions with psychiatrists before I started making the film.

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