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The first look of the KLIKK series SHAKTIRUPENN

Basabdatta Chatterjee and Rezwan star in the new KLIKK series Shaktirupenn, which is set in Sutia, a small village three hours away from Calcutta

Arindam Chatterjee Published 05.02.24, 10:20 AM
Rezwan, Basabdatta 

Rezwan, Basabdatta 

Basabdatta Chatterjee and Rezwan star in the new KLIKK series Shaktirupenn, which is set in Sutia, a small village three hours away from Calcutta. In the three years from 1999 to 2001 a reign of terror had descended upon this village. One after another heinous crimes got perpetrated with alacrity. The two central characters of this story are Damayanti and Rishan.

Rishan owns a small boutique in Bnoichi village and Damayanti is the designer of this boutique. All the woven fabrics of this boutique arrive from Anadibabu’s looms in Fulia. On a particular fateful night, all of a sudden, a girl comes rushing, right in front of their car. The next day, they get to know the girl was murdered in cold blood. Unable to come to terms with this despicable act, Damayanti roars in protest. Rishan gets cautious and asks her to suppress everything. But Damayanti can’t accept this untimely demise of an innocent girl. And thus begins her fight, to fight for the oppressed victim.


“Damayanti Chatterjee has taught me to think about the entire premise of protest in a new way. It will be one of my most cherished on screen characters created. The series, evolves around a small village and it narrates the sordid saga of Noyona Mondal, a victim of rape. As a woman, she narrates the story of another woman’s protest, powerfully. Damayanti becomes a symbol of strength, a resilient storm of protest. The primary reason for me nodding my assent to this project, is this really well defined author backed character. Amlan Majumder has crafted a very sensitively written script. The collaboration of good actors, along with DoP Saurabh Banerjee’s cinematography, has captured beautiful frames, bringing Damayanti’s character to life, even more convincingly. There is a dire need to grow the courage to protest against injustice. This is an ethos, I strongly believe in... of standing up for what’s right and protesting against injustice,” said Basabdatta Chatterjee.

“This series has a social message that portrays a narrative like a wake-up call. Stories that might be unfolding around us, which we may not be aware of, or knowingly ignore while silently moving on with our lives. Issues that do not involve or impact me, but someone else. This fear, insecurity, or vulnerability is the essence that has been treated very sensitively here. My character chooses the safer pathway to suppress all facts when confronted in court. I usually choose characters to play, based on believable ideas. As an actor, I also have a responsibility in portraying this kind of message of social justice to people. This is my web debut and first project with KLIKK. After listening to this story and working with old friends and associated members, it has been extremely satisfying a journey for me. Its a rare close-knit bonding I got to share with all of them. With an uber-talented actress like Basabdatta, the on-screen chemistry worked out even better. I’m very keenly awaiting viewer’s appreciation for all the efforts we have put in,” said Rezwan.

“I have been professionally associated with many film and television projects in my directorial career of more than 20 years, having straddled both the small and big screen. But while directing this story, written by Amlan Majumder, I have unknowingly become personally involved. When Amlan narrated the context of the story, my heart filled with anger and a deep sense of anguish. The only medium for directors like us, to express their feelings is through our journeys on screen. Therefore with the help of that medium, I am happy to bring forth this series based on true facts. It’s been great to reunite with our old team, comprising Amlan Majumder, who I’ve been collaborating for a long time, and having an accomplished filmmaker like Rajdeep Ghosh, as our creative director, makes life smoother for me as a director. Basabdatta is a brilliantly talented actress to work with. Joining her is Rezwan, another very talented actor from the small screen. Both are making their web debut,” said director Surajit Mukherjee.

“Real life stories have had a significant impact on public life. Often reported incidents, especially of social injustice, creates a larger ripple effect of socio-political awareness. Writer and curator Amlan Majumder has been an old associate of KLIKK. This team of Amlan and director Surajit Shaheb Mukherjee has a propensity to curate narratives out of real incidents. This had worked well when he had written and collaborated with director Rajdeep Ghosh for #Bhagar too, earlier last year, based on the meat contamination crime scandal. Rajdeep Ghosh joins the team again as a creative director this time. As a channel, we hold women’s dignity and their safety as a high priority in everything we do. As a natural extension, the onus also lies with us to bring around credible stories woven around the premises of social equity. Going with our tradition of introducing talented actors debuting on the web universe, we are happy to weave this story with an acclaimed actress like Basabdatta Chatterjee and the popular hero Rezwan. Veteran actor Buddhadeb Bhattacharya returns again as a lawkeeper. We are looking forward to a good audience response, with this series that paints a wide canvas of emotions of deceipt, denigration, delusion and dilemma. We’ll be happy if it succeeds in creating more awareness and garners positive support for the wellbeing and safety of women at large,” said Niraj Tantiya, director, KLIKK.

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