t2 tunes in to the young adult fave watch — Sadda Haq

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By The Telegraph Online
  • Published 2.07.14

It’s a TV show with a difference. Sadda Haq, a youth fiction series on Channel V (Monday-Saturday at 6.30pm), is a huge hit with the young adult generation. The love-hate story of spunky small-town girl Sanyukta (played by Harshita Gaur) and spoilt rich brat Randhir (played by Param Singh), Sadda Haq has a Mills & Boon feel that has clicked big time with GenY. Here’s why we at t2 — and you the t2 reader— are tripping on Sadda Haq.


Sanyukta is a rebel, a young woman who takes on her conservative father to crack the entrance exam and take admission in FITE, a prestigious engineering college. But even as she leaves the claustrophobic confines of her home, Sanyukta realises that she has to face hurdles at every corner and prove her mettle at every step. It doesn’t help that she shares a love-hate dynamic with the college brat Randhir who can’t digest the fact that she scores higher than him — in academics as well as in life. But then again, he finds himself falling for her.

What works

College life: Stepping into college means a lot of firsts — first date to first kiss, first love to first break-up. Sadda Haq brings to screen the daily life of every college-goer, a factor that works big time with the show’s target audience of young adults. Fests to canteen gossip, excursions to slumber parties, group studies to fights and cut-throat competition — the staples of college life are portrayed vividly in Sadda Haq.

#SanDhir: The constant sweet-sour banter between Randhir and Sanyukta is the main draw of Sadda Haq. Viewers love this love-hate dynamic between the two, whom they affectionately refer to as SanDhir.

The moments: The “hate kiss” between Sanyukta and Randhir was one of the most talked-about episodes of the show. Recently Randhir broke down in front of Sanyukta after knowing about his parents’ divorce.They shared a hug, much to the joy of fans.

Fresh faces: Sadda Haq’s new faces Harshita to Param, Ankit to Gachui Homring (who plays Kaustuki) work well with the viewer.


Sadda Haq has had a response beyond our expectations. The ratings, time spent and the popularity of the show keep increasing with every passing week. Taking a strong look at the patriarchal system, we decided to create the story of a girl who breaks away from conventions to follow her dreams where she is forced to challenge yet another male-dominated bastion... an engineering college. We keep getting plenty of requests from fans — ranging from Sanyukta and Randhir should come together as a couple soon to Sanyukta should never get together with Randhir! The requests are varied and interesting. Randhir is a worthy opponent to Sanyukta. Someone who on the outside may seem like an arrogant and an overconfident hero but once the audience scratches the surface, they see a vulnerable guy who is just as raw as Sanyukta is. That is the essence that the audience connects to. They are not just rooting for Sanyukta and Randhir... they are also rooting for Randhir to bury his demons and find his peace — Lavanya Anand, programming head, Channel V

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