Success at last 

Daisy basks in recognition but stays rooted after Race 3

By Noyon Jyoti Parasara
  • Published 23.06.18
Daisy Shah

For actress Daisy Shah a dialogue changed the course of her career. 

The film has done tremendously well in the opening weekend, but other than the box office, Daisy has found recognition among an audience who before Race 3 did not know her. 

The line she delivers in the film — Our business is our business, none of your business — has been playing on the loop for many. 

The discourse has overthrown Sonakshi Sinha’s Thappad se darr nahi lagta saab, pyaar se lagta hain in the 2010 blockbuster Dabangg as the most-watched dialogue on many social network sites. 

Silly as it may sound, the Race 3 dialogue triggered widespread memes and jokes across the web. And most of it intended to ridicule the dialogue. Daisy is, however, unperturbed. For her, it is all just great. 

“We had never thought that the dialogue would become so big. It is a very simple dialogue. I will take this as a blessing because when I go out today, in some remote area, people may not know me by my name, but they now know me for my dialogue,” she said.

Daisy added: “In fact, a few days back when I was out for something in Andheri, two guys saw me and one of them asked ‘Arre yeh business dialogue wali ladki hai na?’ They did not know my name. But they knew me because of the dialogue. At least that dialogue gave me a recognition. Irrespective of how the audiences have taken it, it has been a huge positive for me.”

Positive outlook seems to come naturally to her. Race 3 has been a culmination of a long wait after her debut with Salman Khan in Jai Ho. 

“I have been very lucky. I had entered the industry after my Class X board exams and was working for my pocket money. I used to be part of crowds initially and then became a dancer. Then I became an assistant choreographer and then a model. Then I got a break as an actress. I have been through a lot of phases, each teaching me something. My father was a driver. If my destiny had it that I would reach this position, I suppose it was my belief in myself, lot of people’s love, blessings of my parents,” she said recounting her journey in the Hindi film industry. 

As she climbs the rungs of popularity, Daisy is clear about one thing. 

“Whatever recognition I receive, whatever awards or rewards I am given, I will never forget that I am the daughter of a driver,” she tells us, hoping that everyone meets his or her own Salman Khan — a person who, “came into my life, pulled me up from nowhere till here”.