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By RANNVIJAY SINGH GETS GROOVY & GRUNGY. Radhika Sen What do you like about Rannvijay's style? Tell
  • Published 8.06.10

VJ Rannvijay eased into a chair at the coffee shop in HHI and ordered a morning cooler, wearing with ease his grungy biker look with a white button-down shirt, military capris, beaded necklace, aviators and flip-flops. The 27-year-old ex-Roadie was in town for the auditions of Pulsar MTV Stunt Mania Reloaded, India’s first stunt biking reality series. t2 caught up with him…

Rannvijay Singh at the HHI poolside. Picture by Pabitra Das

Describe your style…

I basically wear anything that I am comfortable in, mostly cool, casual clothing. My profession is such that opportunities to dress in corporate wear are few and far between!

Are you brand-conscious or a street shopper?

I’m not a huge fan of brands, I pick up anything that looks good. A brand that I have been wearing a lot lately is Black Soul by Ted Lapidus. Otherwise streetwear is fun to pick up, especially from the flea markets in Goa.

Five summer buys for a stylish look…

Light linen shirts in bright colours, classic tees, shorts, grip jeans and aviators. Also, use a good sunscreen (it’s not a girlie thing to do!).

Which Bollywood and Hollywood celebrity would you give a makeover?

Vidya Balan. She is a great actress but needs serious help with western wear. And in Hollywood, let’s just say I would love to ‘dress up’ Megan Fox and Jessica Alba, er, together (winks)!

How do you handle your heartthrob status?

I don’t mind it at all! This one time when I was hosting an outdoor college concert in Delhi, I had on a pair of ripped jeans. One girl who was very close to the stage grabbed hold of my pants and completely tore them off. It was awkward for like three seconds and then it was just hilarious!

Do we see more of you on the big screen after London Dreams?

I have completed three movies that are up for release this year. One of which is Action Replay with Akshay (Kumar) and Aishwarya (Rai Bachchan).

Are you active on Twitter?

I tweet like once a week.

Whose tweets do you follow the most?

Raghu Ram (producer of Roadies), SRK, Nikhil Chinapa, VJ Ria, VJ Anushka, Chris Pfeiffer (stunt biker).

A place that is really close to your heart?

That would be my boarding school Army Public School Dagshai, nestled atop the Dagshai Solan Hills. It was heavenly.

Mumbai — what do you love and hate about the city?

I love the infectious energy there, not an idle moment spent. I hate dealing with the constant traffic.

Calcutta is…

Very passionate, fun-loving place and the concept of clubbing all night long is as good as it gets!