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By A star poll campaigner goes stargazing at the Eden - CONFESSIONS OF Ushasie, tHE SRK FANatic! (As told to Kushali Nag) Are you a bigger fan of SRK than Ushasie? Tell
  • Published 25.04.11

Ushasie Chakraborty, a star campaigner for the CPM, decided to spend Friday evening at the Eden — stargazing! And yes, she was there for SRK rather than for KKR. During breaks in the action, Ushasie confessed to t2 how her cricket connect begins and ends with her dream man.


I was in primary school when I came to Eden Gardens to watch India play England. I was never a cricket fan and after the Hansie Cronje incident I emotionally withdrew myself from the game.

Years later, I walked into Eden again during the first IPL and believe me, cricket wasn’t even remotely on my mind! I just came for Shah Rukh Khan! You can say Shah Rukh brought me back to cricket! I sat in the gallery and walked home disappointed because I couldn’t even see him.

But I’ve got lucky this IPL — I’ve seen SRK up close and personal!


This time, I came for the first match that KKR won against Deccan Chargers. Jisshu (Sengupta) took me to Shah Rukh Khan’s box (B1) and I finally got to see my dream man! Of course I didn’t talk to him because I would’ve fainted then and there! Believe me I’m still in a daze and I wonder whether that meeting was real or surreal! I couldn’t speak to anyone for almost half-an-hour after that.

It’s strange, but he has never seemed like a stranger to me and in a way I can identify with his situations. He lost his parents at an early age and I too lost my mother as a child. He struggled for years and so did I...


...was as a teenager. I bought the first day-first show tickets for Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa (1993). It’s like I almost grew up with him. I have watched all his films on the first day. And whenever he looks into the camera and speaks words of love I like to believe that he is looking at me!

I loved him in Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge. I have watched the film a hundred times and I can watch it again. His next best performance was in Chak De! India as the hockey coach Kabir Khan. I blew a thousand kisses at him throughout the film.


Shah Rukh is the ultimate man. I love his dimpled smile, his gait, his attitude, uff he is just too much of my dream man! Every time I walk in for a KKR match my eyes are fixed on his box. If only I can catch his eye!

I had the time of my life watching him on the ground after KKR beat Rajasthan Royals on Sunday! He went all over the ground lapping up the winning feeling and then there he was, bowling and batting! I only had eyes on him. His skin had a warm golden glow! That was my happiest day. I couldn’t sleep that night and kept thinking if even for a moment he had noticed me!


Today, the Eden is full and everybody is in a fun mood. We are in the C4 lounge and it’s buzzing with gossip, loud cheers, masala popcorn and, of course, thoughts of Shah Rukh. Everyone around me is talking cricket but I hardly have my eyes on the ground!

Kanchana (Moitra, actress) and I do a lot of PNPC (poro ninda poro chorcha) and we also talk about SRK and break into cat fights on who’s his greatest fan. Kanchan (Mallick) gets very excited every time the cheerleaders start dancing — he calls the girls Shefali, Mitali and Shampali!

But I only care for Shah Rukh!