Out of tune

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By The Telegraph Online
  • Published 9.06.08

The heady world of talent hunt shows seemed to be the perfect platform to launch two new faces. But Bajimaat manages to lose more than it wins. The two-hour-forty-five-minute-long musical ends up making more noise than music, despite a promising start.

Soham, the child artiste-turned-hero, and Subhashree, a talent hunt find in real life, dream the same dream — of becoming a singing sensation. The going gets tough for him, being a middle-class boy. But she, born with a golden spoon in her mouth, has name and fame served on a platter.

Yet Soham races ahead, becoming a Sa Re Ga Ma Pa or Indian Idol-like champ, whose lung power floors every girl (on screen). Back in the cinema hall, the mindless lyrics and forgettable tunes feel like an assault on your auditory organs.

Things get worse post-interval, when the director suddenly decides to spice up the story with more melodrama. So, Soham is beaten up by the baddies just before the grand finale and Ranjit Mullick, his godfather, drags him to the stage where he lies supine for a good 15 minutes, soaked in blood and writhing in pain! When he finally manages to get up on his feet, you are treated to one more (painful) song and finally the union of estranged lovers.

Soham goes over-the-top in the second half, Subhashree doesn’t score high marks either. But for all their goof-ups, they have only the director to blame.

Though a veteran of potboilers, Haranath Chakraborty has lost his magic touch in turning rags-to-riches stories into box-office biggies. The Saathi (where Jeet played a wannabe singer under similar circumstances) formula doesn’t quite work here.