Ocean Grill rides high on seafood

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By The Telegraph Online
  • Published 9.01.13

Ahoy, all ye seafood lovers! There’s a new dine destination in town — Ocean Grill, whose stone walls enclose a “boat”, which is actually a buffet table. Filleting and deboning are common at this 88-seater, located on the first floor of Infinity Benchmark Building in Salt Lake’s Sector V.

Once you are seated, shift your gaze to the tablemat, which lists favourites according to sun signs. So, a Taurus is recommended lobster and crabmeat, a Virgo gets shrimp and squid, and a Capricorn should settle for prawn and salmon.

You can opt to dine a la carte or make a beeline for the buffet counter. Begin your binge with American Seafood Cocktail (prawn with crabmeat and bekti or sole flavoured with pepper, honey and lemon with cocktail dressing) or Grilled Prawn in Barbecue Sauce.

The Grilled Crab with honey lemon spice sauce is a sure winner when it comes to the mains. But a die-hard seafood lover should never skip the Mixed Grilled Seafood Platter (with crab, prawn, bekti and other seafood marinated in herbs and wine, grilled and served with a spicy herb sauce).

“Our target are the Sector V professionals and we are hoping to attract footfall from beyond this area. Once we establish our brand, we intend to open more restaurants in Calcutta,” said Debrup Rudra, managing director of Ocean Grill.

At this 3,300sq ft restaurant, an a la carte meal for two costs around Rs 1,500 (taxes extra), while the buffet is priced at Rs 550 per person (taxes extra).

Shubhi Tandon

Pictures: Pabitra Das