King & Captain Queen

Shah Rukh Khan hurled a bouncer at cricket’s supergirl Mithali Raj: Be in charge of the men’s team. And the skipper didn’t flinch

By Bharati K. Dubey
  • Published 4.01.18

Shah Rukh Khan has brought to Indian television a concept that is changing the way people perceive ideas — small or big. The speakers, who he has been compassionately introducing on TED Talks India Nayi Soch, have also risen to the occasion. Not surprisingly, when he introduced Mithali Raj, he took the liberty to congratulate the captain of India’s women’s cricket team for being a spectacular player and mentor for teammates.

The actor also shared his special interest in women’s matches because he feels that women have empowered him and it was necessary to be by their side when they break the stereotype. He said: “I stay up all night whenever there’s a women’s team playing a match.”

Watching her lead the team to success, an impressed SRK quipped to Mithali: “I want to see you as the coach of the men’s cricket team one day.”

Mithali isn’t one to be intimidated, even if it’s King Khan himself. “I always want to give my best,” she replied with a smile.

Mithali shared her experiences as captain of a women’s team and the country’s slow-paced infrastructure growth. She said: “More facilities will lead to more horizons opening up for the women’s cricket team.”

Seconding her, SRK said: “Only a sportsperson deals with what you truly call a pressurising situation.”

He quickly brought a light-hearted moment to the stage by bowling in front of the captain, asking if he did well.